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Best Clothing Brands: 10 Types to Personalise

Over the past century, the world of fashion has grown to be the largest retail industry. We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping for clothing and with thousands of brands producing garments in every category, who’s to say which brand is the best? 

We’ve done our research and compiled a simple guide to garment shopping online. Here are the best of the best clothing brands to be shopped and personalised online in the most common 10 garment categories. 

Types of personalised t-shirts

1. Best Clothing Brands for Men

After a thorough investigation, there is no doubt in our minds, Stanley Stella is the best brand of clothing online for men. Their apparel is made from organic fabrics and premium in quality. 

2. Best Clothing Brands for Women

What we love the most about Stanley Stella is that their garments are not necessarily unisex, but for every “male” item there is a “female” counterpart. In addition to this, Stanley Stella has a premium line of women’s clothes and accessories that are made from ethically sourced fabrics and promote sustainability.

3. Best Sustainable Clothing Brands

With the ever-increasing threat of climate change, the call for change in production and the prioritisation of sustainability across industries has been heard. As such, almost every fashion label has a sustainable line, and some have even converted their production to be entirely sustainable. That said, the best sustainable clothing brands to shop online are Fruit of the LoomAWDis, and Gildan.

4. Best Running & Gym Clothing Brands

When you think of exercise apparel or athleisure, you probably think of the Adidas, Nikes and Reeboks of the world, right? While these brands are good because they’re made specifically for “exercise purposes” when you choose them, you’re actually just choosing a brand name and not the product. That said, we’ve found the best running clothing brands to purchase online to be lululemonCastore and Under Armour.

5. Best Clothing Brands for Golf

Polo shirts are a popular choice for golf players, both professional and amateur. We’ve found Callaway, TaylorMade and Lacoste to be among the best clothing online clothing brands to sport golf apparel. 

Types of hoodies

6. Best Outdoor Clothing Brands UK

When it comes to outdoor clothing, determining the “best brands” really depends on what you’re looking for. We’ve found the catalogue of garments available from The Outdoors Company to be among the best. With brands like Columbia, Patagonia and The North Face, they partner with outdoor brands from around the globe to bring customers in the UK the very best of the best. 

7. Best Clothing Brands Cycling

Cycling is one of those niche sports that require very specific attire in order to feel comfortable. Our favourite and possibly the best cycling clothing brand with an online store is Rapha. Although Castelli and Endura are close runners up. Rapha was founded in 2004 as a fashion-focused road cycling brand. Today, they’re a leading brand preferred by cyclists across the globe. 

8. Best Clothing Brands Hiking

We love B&C Collection’s range of jackets, fleeces and outwear items. Perfect for facing any kind of weather with confidence, B&C Collection is without a doubt the best brand for hiking apparel. 

9. Best Children’s Clothing Brands

It’s easy to feel spoiled for choice when it comes to shopping for your little ones. And at the rate that kid’s experience growth, it may seem easier to just dress them in anything. This doesn’t have to be the case. With brands like Gildan and AS Colour, you can get great premium clothing for your kids without breaking the bank. 

10. Best Clothing Brands for Sailing

Much like cycling and golf, sailing is a sport that requires a very specific style of clothing. The reason is, you’re out on the water and exposed to the elements for extended periods of time. Without the right gear, you’re likely to be severely negatively impacted by this. We’ve found brands like North Sails, Sperry, and Nautica to be among the best brands for online shopping for sailing clothing.

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How to Find Quality Clothing Brands at Affordable Prices?

Quality and price are not mutually exclusive. There’s always clothing of quality to be found within your price range. You just have to know what you’re looking for. The two signs of quality and affordability are the type of material used and the place the garment was manufactured. Locally produced garments may be a little bit more expensive than those produced in Asia. But when it comes to quality, local production is superior. 

How to Recognise Quality?

  • The 7 tell-tale sign of quality clothing are: 
  • The material isn’t see-through
  • The fabric matches up at the seams of the garment
  • All hems of the garment are “finished”
  • The manufacturer is transparent about the material and provides all details on the label
  • Even after being stretched, the garment keeps its shape
  • Every element is sewed, and there’s no glue in sight
  • Extra buttons and/or thread come with the garment

With countless clothing options available and too many brands to choose from, it can be difficult to feel confident about your choices. If you’re ever uncertain or in need of advice when choosing garments to personalise, feel free to chat with us. At Garment Printing, we’ve partnered with high-quality brands to bring our customers a catalogue of personalised clothing. Get in touch today!