5 Ways to use Custom T Shirts to Grow your Business

Gavin Drake

Gavin Drake

Whether you want to gain exposure for a new product, or grow your customer base – custom t shirts are a fantastic way to increase your business growth and improve your sales. Custom t shirts offer many benefits for businesses who are looking to grow their business and in this blog post we’ll discuss how, and we’ll talk about the different techniques you can use. 

But first, what are custom t shirts? 

Here at Garment Printing we offer custom t shirts printed to your specification and designed with your brand in mind. Our t shirts come in a range of style sand sizes, suitable to all kinds of ages and body shapes. We also have great cuts and styles perfect women and men, ensuring your customers get the perfect fitting garments. You can choose the colour of your personalised prints, but also the colour of your t-shirt too.

Our t shirts can be printed with your logo or even a slogan / promotional code – and they’re easy to design and brand. We can also ship across your order in express timings too – so if you need the items in a hurry – that’s no problem at all. 

So how can our t shirts help your business grow? Keep reading to find out… 

Idea 1: Gifts for customers 

Think of your printed, personalised t shirts as walking billboards. When your customers are wearing them, they’re basically wearing an advertisement for your business! This means that gifting you printed t shirts to your customers works as a great way to spread the message of your brand and business locally. Make your t shirts eye-catching and wearable, and ensure you put your business information on there, so that your logo or business name is clearly visible! A great idea is to keep the custom t-shirt as gifts for new, or loyal customers. For example, if a customer places a second, or third order, give them a free t-shirt as a thank you! 

Idea 2: Competition prizes 

Competitions can be great ways of increasing traffic to your website, or increasing your social media following. If you’re running a competition on social media, or in your shop / restaurant / bar – printed merchandise and printed t shirts make for amazing prizes. When your customer wins, they’ll be proud to wear their custom t-shirt and promote your brand! 

Idea 3: Use custom t shirts as staff uniforms 

If you’re headed out to an expo or corporate event where your staff will be on hand to help with enquiries – then why not have them all uniformed-up in custom t shirts? They’ll be able to raise awareness for your brand whilst at the event, and they’ll also help advertise the brand whilst walking around and socialising at the event too. If you have a team of staff, such as bar staff or wait staff, our custom t shirts make really great affordable uniforms for hospitality industries too. 

Idea 4: Launch giveaway 

If you’re launching a new product and you want to raise awareness and promote the launch, giving away custom t shirts at the launch event can be a really great way to get your new product out there and get people through the doors of your store. 

Idea 5: Freshers week goody bags 

If you’re based in a university town, why not contact the local student society about contributing custom t shirts to the goody bags they give out in freshers festival. Students love free stuff – and a t-shirt is a pretty high-value free item! In no time, you’ll have hundreds of students wearing your clothes around town! What a great way to get your brand logo out to the masses! 

Ordering your custom t shirts 

If you need help promoting your business with custom merchandise, we’d love to help. Our team will always be happy to help with assisting your design, or giving you advice about the best design choices. Simply drop us an email and get in touch, and we’ll be happy to talk through your project and your goals, and ensure you’ve got the best custom t-shirt possible! 

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