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5 Reasons why you should get printed tote bags

Customised and printed tote bags are great for so many reasons. Companies, charities and even music festival organisers hugely benefit from gifting promotional bags to their participants. But some good question will be, why are these giveaway promotional products so successful? Why would companies go to the effort of designing, printing and distributing printed tote bags, especially when they’re a free giveaway product? There are many reasons why these little, printed bags are so effective, but here are 5 to get you started…

Printed tote bags

Immediate use

When your company gives away a collection of free merchandise, the participant needs something to hold all of the gifts together. You don’t want them to stash these goodies away in a rucksack or briefcase. You want your brand, your identity and most importantly your message to be seen! The printed tote bag is perfect for this. Your logo or slogan is immediately visible to everyone and in turn, the chances are that the bag will be used again and again, which is brilliant news for your company.

Targeted audience in a wide geographic space

The people you gift personalised bags to either belong to the same profession, such as managers attending a conference, surgeons learning about the latest medical advancements, or music lovers all attending the same festival. Alternatively, they all promote the same cause in a social way, followers of the same charity for example. This helps companies to directly reach their niche markets with minimum efforts.

Another amazing actuality is that the people come from a huge range of different places. Whilst attendees of a conference may come from different cities, other events may well be attended by people from different countries. This will help your company target multiple markets over a huge geographical area.

Big advertising space

Another important reason for gifting printed tote bags is that they have a large advertising space that allows a big degree of customisation. In that space, which is as large as a full page advert in a magazine, you can print things that match up to your objectives. Most companies and organisations will print their logo, but you can add contact information, images of products or you can tailor the bag to reflect the message of that particular or the cause that a charity is trying to help.

Effective advertising:

Using printed tote bags as an advertising tool is indirect but highly effective. You can have a group of people delivering your message without them truly realising it. If you were to attempt the same thing with a printed t shirt, you would not experience the same effect. This is why the tote bag outshines other personalised clothing garments are delivering effective advertising.

“An overwhelming 89% of those surveyed remembered the advertiser when the campaign used promotional bags – on average 84% of participants remembered the advertiser across all types of promotional products.”

Global Advertising Specialities impressions Study, 2014 edition.

Cheap alternative:

Tote bags are a low cost way of increasing your customer and fan base. By using them as giveaways you can make sure that you stick soundly within your budget and ensures that you’re giving away a useful, stylish accessory which people are certain to keep and re-use again and again. By picking the right bag and design on the front, it could also be used as a fashion accessory and used for trips outside of going to the shops – which helps to promote your brand and gives you free advertising space whilst the user is happy with their free Tote.

How do we make them:

  • Your artwork is printed directly onto the bag using DTG printing or screen printing.
  • We print any picture and flesh tones in full colour.
  • DTG and screen printing lasts a lot of washes before you see any degradation in the print quality.
  • Please follower the proper bag care instructions as we provide.