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14 Types of Caps and Hats To Personalise

An accessory as old as clothing itself, hats and caps have always been and will continue to be a wardrobe staple. But what makes the difference between a hat and a cap? And what sorts of sub-styles are available? In this article, we discuss 14 types of caps and hats, what makes them unique, as well as why and when you’d want to choose and personalise each.

Types of caps and hats to personalise

Different Types of Caps

1. Baseball Cap

Originally worn by baseball players, hence the name, the baseball cap was made popular in the 1940s and today, it’s still the preferred headwear among many. Baseball caps are a wardrobe staple for both men and women because of their practicality and versatility. Easy to personalise and add a bit of personality to, our range of baseball caps are by far the most popular. Choose yours on our online store. 

Our favourite baseball cap to personalise is:

Beechfield – Athleisure 6-panel cap

2. Snapback

Similar to the baseball cap, snapback caps are the same in shape and function, however, they bear an adjustable snap strap in the back. It’s for this reason that they’re named “Snapbacks”. A popular choice among millennial and gen z men, the snapback has a sort of “street style” association to it and has seen a significant rise in popularity over the last decade.

Our favourite snapback cap to personalise is:

Beechfield – Ivy cap – BC622

3. Golf Cap

Also known as a newsboy cap, golf caps are essentially just flat caps with a rounded low profile and a small stiff brim. “Golf cap” is the American English term for a flat cap. These caps are typically made from tweed fabric and in the past, it was popular to refer to them as “Tweed Caps”. 

Our favourite golf cap to personalise is:

Beechfield – Pro style ball marker golf cap

4. 5-Panel Cap

Known colloquially as the “dad cap”, a 5-panel cap is a baseball cap with a slightly pre-curved peak. Our favourite 5 panel cap is the Beechfield Authentic 5-Panel Cap which comes as a standard one-size-fits-all, and eight classic colourways.

5. Military Cap

As known as a service cap, a peaked cap, a barracks cover or a combination cap, the military cap is a formal part of a soldier’s uniform. Military caps are also worn by uniformed civilian organisations like fire and law enforcement departments. 

Our favourite military cap to personalise is:

Beechfield – Camo Army Cap  

6. Flat Cap

Also known as “scally caps”, flat caps are made from a soft fabric with a rounded construction and a small stiff brim in front. 

Our favourite flat cap to personalise is:

Beechfield – Ivy cap

7. Trucker Cap

A sub-style of the ever-popular baseball cap, trucker caps are 5-panel baseball caps with three of the five being made of mesh. The front two panels are made of solid fabric and most of the time a different colour to the mesh portion of the cap. This solid fabric area is used for branding.

Our favourite trucker cap to personalise is:

Beechfield – Jersey athleisure trucker

8. Football Cap

In team sports like rugby and football, a player’s appearance in an international match is known as a “cap”. This term originates from a practice of awarding physical caps to players for participating in an international match of association football. Today, physical football caps are seldom awarded, but the term is still used. 

9. Knit Cap

Knitted caps or “beanies” are a standard part of the winter wardrobe among men, women and children. Other names for the knit cap include woolly hat, skit cap and bonnet.

Different Types of Hats

1. Bucket Hat

 A trendy accessory for the past four summers, the bucket hat features a wide, downward-sloping brim making it great for wearing to the beach or during any other summer outdoor activity. Bucket hats are typically made from heavy durable cotton fabrics like canvas or denim. They sometimes feature metal eyelets on their crown for ventilation.

Our favourite bucket hat to personalise is:

Beechfield – Cargo bucket hat

2. Fedora Hat

Fedoras are soft hats that have an indented crown and soft brim. Traditionally, fedora hats are made out of wool, cashmere, rabbit or beaver felt. But today, you can find them made of straw and other similar lightweight materials. Our favourite fedora hat and the most popular by a mile is the Beechfield Fedora. 

3. Beanie Hat

Beanies or beanie hats are small, brimless, round hats that are typically made of wool or similar synthetic materials. Beanies and wool caps are one and the same. Everybody loves a good quality beanie, so next time you need to get a gift and aren’t sure what to get, consider a personalised beanie with embroidered details.

Our favourite beanie hat to personalise is:

Beechfield – Cable knit snowstar 

4. Bomber Hat

More commonly referred to as aviator hats, bomber hats are traditionally made from leather and have large earflaps, a chin strap and a short bill at the front that is generally turned upward showing the hat’s lining. 

5. Beret Hat

One of the most iconic hat styles around, beret hats are round and flat, and are woven from wool. Berets have been symbolic of various social, economic and political movements, such as communism and other revolutionary ideologies.


Whatever you’re in the market for, be it a personalised fedora for autumn, a knit cap or beanie for the coming winter, or even a trendy bucket hat personalised to match your beach towel for next summer’s seaside getaway, we have something for you. At Garment Printing, we believe in providing only the best in quality, printing technology and environmental impact. Contact us today for a quick quote or more info on our range of personalised caps.