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Garment Printing’s Truthful Tourist Souvenirs Range

Despite having a stunning nation to explore, us Brits are certainly partial to an overseas getaway, With our usual habits interrupted by the pandemic, typical British resilience prompted a revival of ‘staycation’ breaks, but Tripadvisor reviews have shown that at-home adventures didn’t quite live up to expectations. Garment Printing has turned these disgruntled, comical accounts into its very own spoof souvenir range, featuring some crushing commentary on some of the UK’s most famous landmarks. While we don’t agree with the harsh criticism dished out by these unhappy holidaymakers, they’ve helped us to design this tongue-in-cheek product range which you can browse below! We insist you should find out for yourselves, and don’t believe everything you read!!

Skiddaw, The Lake District

The Lake District is treasured by many for its unspoiled natural scenery, but ironically, this is also what leaves some visitors feeling underwhelmed. After taking on Skiddaw, a 3.5-hour hike, one reviewer writes “I visited the summit this last weekend and was very disappointed with the experience”, going on to suggest the mountain could benefit from “a funicular railway to (the) summit”.


Stonehenge where “the walk from the car park is the best thing about this day out”, with a quirky mug. An unhappy visitor writes: “To be honest, I think they should knock it down and build something that pays homage to the wonders of contemporary architecture- a Nandos or something like that… I can’t imagine any self respecting alien would be too pleased about having their intergalactic reputation tarnished by having anything to do with this half hearted accident.”

York Minster

York Minster is one of the most celebrated landmarks in the county, steeped in history — but perhaps not for its symmetry, as one visitor highlights in their no holds barred review: “If you thought this ‘minster’ was a brilliant piece of architecture, you could not be more wrong. Absolutely disgusted with the blatant disregard for aesthetic appreciation with this joke of a minster. Imagine my shock and disappointment when I travelled so far to see this abomination of a window, which looks like it had been built by a drunk Stevie Wonder! Such a lack of regard for symmetry! It’s just embarrassing. Trip. Ruined. What a shame.”

Tate Modern Gallery

While art is always open to interpretation, the Tate Modern in London leaves many of its visitors with nothing to say at all. One visitor’s final conclusion was “I did not realise the ‘e’ was silent in ‘Tate Modern’, with another adding “a total utter waste of time, if you like paintings any three year old could do then this is for you”. The biggest question that many people have for the Tate is “is it even art?”.

The Angel of North

Despite being the fifth most popular attraction in the North East, the iconic Angel of The North sculpture by Antony Gormley won’t change your life according to these reviews. Deemed as “less eye opening, more eyesore”, the distinctive monument was not even enough for many visitors to stop their cars and admire, with many only sparing it a passing glance.

Loch Ness

From visitors having genuine expectations of catching a glimpse of the illusive Nessie the Loch Ness Monster, to being dismayed at the lack of any metropolitan marinas, Loch Ness just didn’t deliver for these tourists. Upset at the lack of any myhtical beasts lurking beneath the surface, one holidaymaker writes “The lake is wonderful, but when you come for the monster, do not go there as it will not show up”.

The British Museum

Many visitors are most disgruntled by ‘The British Museum’ for the fact that they can’t seem to find anything they deem to be British history. One confused reviewer wrote “I can not understand the reason of the name of this museum! You can not find anything from Britain!”, but as the museum is cited as a commemoration of British culture, visitors might want to brush up on their own understanding of British history first.

Arthurs Seat

While Edinburgh is a treasure trove of hidden gems, hideaway bars, and rich history, one of the most obtrusive features is the extinct volcano just half an hour away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The view from the top of Arthur’s Seat has spectacular views over the city, but not many people appreciate this to its fullest, “the view is mediocre and the attraction itself is not clearly signposted, which will leave you questioning whether or not you even climbed the right hill”.

The London Eye

The London Eye might carve out a spot in the skyline of the UK capital, but it doesn’t make as striking of an impression on some of those who take the journey up the iconic landmark. Awe inspiring views of the ‘big smoke’ aside, the Tripadvisor truth is that: “The chance to stand in a slowly revolving spheroid with mediocre views of the Thames, and pay an obscene amount of money for the privilege […] I’ve hated every single visit.”

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace may be an established tourist hotspot, but this fact alone still manages to astonish some Brits. Arrive at the humble abode of the British royal family, and you’ll see only crowds, with one visitor having more time for “the statues and fountain” (The Victoria Memorial) nearby. Catching a glimpse of the queen is also unlikely, and one traveler points out the sheer lack of hospitality “They wouldn’t even let us in, even though it was cold and rainy outside”.

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Review snippets were gathered using Tripadvisor.