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Embroidered Polo Shirts and Polo Shirt Printing Guide

Polo shirts are used across a variety of businesses and industries, and they remain a wardrobe-staple for many people because of how comfortable and versatile they are as a clothing garment.

Polo shirts are an extremely popular choice for uniforms (in schools for example, or in sports facilities such as gyms, or fitness centres) because they’re relaxed and well-loved, with most people finding them comfortable and easy to wear. They also make a great choice for uniforms because they provide ample space for logo printing, and they’re also hard-wearing and long-lasting garments.

Most companies choose to print their logo on the right or left side of the chest area of polo shirts, it’s a popular format and it it has the added advantage of looking smart too.

Most companies decide to either print their logo or embroider their logo, and we can offer both of these options at Garment Printing. There are positives to both methods, and later we’ll discuss the differences and which is the better choice for you and your business / purpose. They may seem very similar, and the end result isn’t overly contrasting – but the two methods are separate and do offer different advantages.

But first, how can identify a good quality polo shirt?

Key features to look for in a high quality pop shirt:

  • High quality yarn (look for fine yarn and a tight structure)
  • Look for an even yarn (this will be better for printing)
  • Pre-shrunk fabric – which means it will stay the same size even after washing
  • Collar and cuff: 5 ply rib. This means a better shape retention and smarter cleaner look.

It’s also key to look at the craftsmanship of the item too – making sure the garment has been made with attention and care. Here are some details you’ll want to check…


  • Neck tape: Make sure this is flat so it’s more comfortable.
  • Shoulder tape: Reinforced stitching is essential.
  • Armhole: Top-stitched for comfort.
  • Bottom Hem: Wide bottom hem, helps the shirt hang better.
  • Inside details: Ensure there are no loose threads.

Luckily, at Garment Printing we have chosen extremely high quality suppliers, so you can be sure that any polo shirt ordered through us will reach and surpass your requirements. We provide polo shirts for school uniforms, work uniforms, leisure clothing (such as golf for example) and even print polo shirts used as promotional merchandise too.

The two main methods used in putting logos onto polo shirts, are explained below:

Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of the most common methods when it comes to personalising polo shirts. Printing is a great choice for lots of different businesses, and one of the main advantages to printing (instead of embroidery) is the wipe-clean element. Being able to wipe clean any stains from the printed area is especially useful for school uniforms food-industry uniforms.

In screen printing, a your design / logo is separated into different individual colour shades, which are then printed on the fabric layer by layer. It’s a simple process and can be turned around quickly. It is different from simulated or process printing because these printing processes printing involve only using a smaller spectrum of colours (red, white, green, blue, gold and black ink only) in order to get a wider colour spectrum.


Embroidery is an older technique, and it’s one that looks wonderful on polo shirts. Embroidery is often used by businesses who want a more professional / luxury feel to their garments, and also companies or designs where the logo isn’t requiring multiple colours and details. Embroidery is obviously more limited than printing, but where it lacks in details – it makes up for in elegance and style.

During the embroidery process a variety of colourful threads (depending on your design and chosen colours) are threaded together on the garment to recreate the logo or design of choice.

Which is right for you?

It depends on what you’re after, and the kind of use your polo shirts will be getting. If you have any questions at all about choosing embroidery or printed polo shirts, we’re always happy to answer any additional questions or queries.

We know how important it is to get the selection right, and often the choice between printing and embroidery can be a big one.

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