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personalised hand towelspersonalised hand towels

Personalised Hand Towels

Nothing screams luxury quite like a personalised hand towel. Whether it’s a soft fluffy guest towel you might find in the bathroom of an upmarket hotel, monogrammed with its initials, or the chic corporate cloth draped over the arm of a moustachioed waiter as he pours you another glass of wine in an exclusive restaurant, the effect is the same: one of opulence and class.

There was a time when such finery was a thing reserved for those with deep pockets and silver spoons, but thanks to the affordable yet astonishingly high-quality printing techniques employed by Garment Printing, you too can now be the owner of a custom printed hand towel. Whether you wish to use them as branded gifts in corporate giveaways, as tokens of inclusivity or camaraderie for your sports team, as a thoughtful gift for one of your nearest and dearest or simply as a present to yourself, we can emblazon any image or message onto the towel that you desire.

Corporate Towels

Of course, we’re well aware that quality is just (if not more of) a paramount concern as customisation when it comes to creating a personalised hand towel, which is why we only use the finest materials and the most sophisticated printing techniques at the manufacturing stage. Made from microfibre towelling material and embellished with a duchess satin strip upon which your design will be printed, our products are easy on the eye and super soft to the touch. They’re also highly absorbent and quick to dry, meaning they’re ideal for the heavy traffic which a busy household bathroom or toilet receives. The contrast between the warm white fluffiness of the body and the glossy sharpness of the satin is perfect for highlighting your message or image, which can be printed in virtually any colour you like.

For that reason, our hand towels are perfectly suited to a business environment, since we can replicate your brand’s aesthetic with impressive accuracy and consistency. It’s the little touches like corporate wash towels in the bathroom which can really set your enterprise apart from all the competition, emphasising to all visitors to your company headquarters that you’re here to stay. Alternatively, you might wish to distribute printed hand towels to favoured clients or high-value prospects to cement the business relationship between you. Indeed, at as little as £1.99 per unit price, corporate hand towels even represent an affordable giveaway at larger-scale business conference and trade shows. Or maybe you’d prefer to give them out to your workforce as a token of your appreciation for their efforts, encouraging employee loyalty and reinforcing the reputation of your outfit as one who cares about its staff. Whatever purpose you have in mind, our hand towels can exceed expectations and create a favourable impression.

They’re equally appropriate out of the office, as well. Maybe your local tennis club has just won a regional championship and you wish to mark the occasion with a special gift for the winning team players. Perhaps you’re the proprietor of a health club that’s trying to attract new subscribers to its ranks and want to include a sweetener in the deal. Or it could be that your social club is about to celebrate a landmark anniversary and a commemorative item is in order to remind all the affiliates of the good times you’ve spent together. Whatever the occasion and wherever the environment, a printed hand towel can be just the ticket in delivering a thoughtful and tasteful message.

Branded Hand Towels

Of course, there’s also the possibility of using the towels in the domestic sphere. Custom printed hand towels make a great gift at a wedding, birthday or Christmas, endowing the recipient with a gift they’ll certainly use that’s been personalised to recognise the special relationship you both share. Or else why not buy a set of monogrammed hand towels to place in your own bathroom? Never mind keeping up with the Joneses – you’ll positively leave them in the dirt with a pair of stylish customised hand towels from Garment Printing in your guest bathroom.

Regardless of the use to which you intend to put your personalised hand towels, whether it be commercial, social or personal, you can rest assured you’ll receive a product that will exceed your expectations. It couldn’t be simpler to create, either. All we need from you is the message or image you wish for us to imprint on the towels, as well as any colouring requirements (if it’s text you wish to print) and we’ll do the rest. Discount prices available for bulk orders. What are you waiting for? Order yourself some personalised hand towels and join the elite of society today!