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Personalised Wholesale Hoodies

Your dependable source of personalised work hoodies

Placing your organisation’s logo on its workwear can help to bring enhanced brand recognition among potential clients and customers.

But of course, the exact type of clothing that your staff requires may depend significantly on their specific responsibilities and the setting in which they work.

T-shirts, for example, aren’t necessarily appropriate for wearing in unpredictable outdoor conditions. You may therefore purchase branded sweatshirts or hoodies for your employees’ use instead.


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Why do corporate hoodies make so much sense?

Here at Garment Printing, we are pleased to offer sweatshirts that can be personalised with your brand’s colours and logo. However, we can also supply personalised work hoodies, which are essentially sweatshirts with an added hood.

While t-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts can all be ordered from us and personalised for your staff’s use, it’s often a sensible decision to also provide your personnel with similarly customised hoodies that they can slip into if they are caught out in adverse weather.

Indeed, your employees may just love their warm and comfortable personalised hoodies so much that they continue wearing them away from the work environment, which would help to maximise the awareness they generate for your brand. tumble if their uniform has to be kept in pristine condition. A hoodie encourages playfulness and fun and reminds children to be children.


A variety of impressive options for customising your hoodies

Here at Garment Printing, we enable you to customise your corporate hoodies in various ways before you finalise your order.

Our partnerships with a range of leading hoodie suppliers mean you can choose from multiple in-demand hoodie styles and sizes, including between standard and zippered types. We will also, of course, custom print precisely to your liking.

We can even draw upon our considerable experience and knowledge in custom printed designs to ensure your brand’s final personalised hoodies look just right and communicate the things about your company – including its values, products, services and contact details – that you need them to communicate.

Take your pick from a wealth of personalisation routes

If your budget is tight and your personalisation needs are basic, we can carry out vinyl printing, which is just one example of the many types of printing we offer for hoodies. Alternatively, you might prefer the more sophisticated and professional look that custom embroidery makes possible.

We will happily embroider on any garment that is sufficiently thick for this personalisation option, and also recommend that you order a higher number of hoodies to minimise the price per unit.

Embroidered hoodies offer a host of advantages. Embroidering helps to ensure the garment continues looking smart even on the most casual workdays, while such hoodies are also known for their durability, generally remaining in great condition for years. This is particularly appealing if you wish to order logo hoodies, as the embroidered logo can be expected to remain intact.

When you order an embroidered hoodie from Garment Printing, we will stitch your logo or design directly into the hoodie. In doing so, we use Maderia classic threads, which result in a high-quality, stylish and sophisticated finish.

We are the reputable choice when it comes to logo hoodies

We cater to the hoodie requirements of a wide range of organisations here at Garment Printing, including in such sectors as charity, education, fashion, hospitality and sport.

Some of the most immediately recognisable names in their respective industries have turned to us for custom printing services such as t-shirt and tote bag printing, including the likes of Google, Nike, Save the Children and The Guardian.

Whether you turn to us for the printing of the most professional and eye-catching corporate hoodies, or instead use such a service as custom jackets, personalised sportswear or bespoke printed jumpers, we will act as if we were an extension of your company’s marketing, production or events team.

With such perks as order samples and test prints, free visual mock-ups prior to printing and even express services also all available, you couldn’t make many better choices than placing your trust in the highly skilled and seasoned experts at Garment Printing.

Contact the Garment Printing team today about all things hoodies

To learn more about how we can personalise your corporate hoodies in accordance with your organisation’s specific needs, simply give us a call now, on 0207 101 9315.

We would be delighted to provide you with a quote in less than 15 minutes if you get in touch with us during business hours, which means you don’t even need to wait for long to learn how little you could be paying for the highest-quality and genuinely affordable personalised work hoodies.