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Personalised Wholesale Tote Bags

You are likely to be more than familiar with handling tote bags in your day-to-day life. These bags – easily recognisable due to their large, often unfastened design and parallel handles – are often offered inexpensively or for free in a range of settings, notably including retail.

However, you might have underestimated the impressive extent to which tote bags can be used in marketing by many organisations outside the retail sector. At Garment Printing, we offer custom tote bags wholesale, allowing your own company to tap into the wealth of marketing advantages.


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The beautiful variety of tote bags

Over the years, tote bags have significantly flourished in variety – in terms of both their designs and materials. Typically, a tote comprises sturdy cloth, with particular materials traditionally used in totes including heavy canvas and jute.

One especially powerful advantage of ordering tote bags wholesale is their broad scope for aesthetic customisation. You might have already noticed this benefit, having seen the number of companies which have proudly placed their own logos and branding colours on tote bags.

Indeed, one great reason to buy custom tote bags in bulk from Garment Printing is the ability of these bags to advertise in a practically subliminal sense. As tote bags are sufficiently resilient to be regularly reused, people with these bags can keep seeing the printed branding and so remember it.

The promotional benefits wouldn’t end with just the bag’s owner, either. When that person casually carries items in their tote bag while out and about, other people could see the bags. Those observers might then be tempted to look up the company to learn more about it.

We often refresh our stock of wholesale tote bags in the UK

Whether you would like to order an individual bag or buy bulk tote bags, take heart that we stock many different bags – one of which could form the basis of your company’s own personalised tote. You can choose from a wide variety of fabrics for tote bags bulk buying.

When you are trying to decide on particular fabric tote bags for wholesale buying, you could closely consider heavy canvas for use as the main material. This particular kind of material can sometimes be dyed or treated for resisting moisture and mould and, thus, preventing adverse effects of both.

Alternatively, you might prefer to primarily consider jute – which, though trailing heavy canvas in popularity as a tote bag material, remains traditionally used for this purpose. Jute is among the least expensive natural fibres, and this situation helps buyers of jute bags to make appreciable savings.

Another natural fibre that is commonly produced and widely used is cotton. Indeed, you might spot cotton tote bags for wholesale purchase from our online store, while felt is another material that you could notice in bags there. However, keep in mind that our selection of bags is prone to change.

Don’t overlook these marketing merits of tote bags

Everyone enjoys receiving a free item. In the case of a tote bag, when someone receives one for free, you can expect them to see potential in using it repeatedly. In retail, bags of this type are often marketed as more eco-friendly alternatives to standard plastic bags.

What has undoubtedly helped to further this reputation is the physical strength of tote bags in comparison to typical plastic bags. If many of your target customers or clients are accustomed to plastic bags splitting as they try to handle them, they are unlikely to have this issue with tote bags.

This can help to ensure that wholesale tote bags with a logo will stay intact, keeping the logo preserved as a result. When you also consider how inexpensively we would enable you to source cotton, felt, jute or canvas tote bags wholesale in the first place, it’s clear how they can assist in the delivery of a cost-effective promotional return in the long run.

After you obtain cotton and canvas tote bags in bulk, you could use them as goodie bags – or simply give them away – at events. Once a customer or client has picked up one of these bags, they can benefit from something that would be easy for them to carry anywhere.

We offer many options for visually customising tote bags

Whether you would like to use our company to source cotton, canvas, jute or felt tote bags wholesale, you will be able to peruse a range of visual customisation options. In using our catalogue, you can choose not only the type of bag but also your preferred style and colour for it.

If you – or, for that matter, many members of your target market – are strongly eco-conscious, we can even allow you to pick up organic cotton tote bags wholesale. The theme of social responsibility can extend to the customisation effort, for which you can benefit from water-based printing.

You can afford to be fussy about the bag sizing, too; you can, for example, purchase mini canvas tote bags in bulk. Which size of bag for which you should opt can depend on exactly how you intend to use that bag in your marketing efforts, so tread carefully before you settle on a specific size.

We invite you to phone us on 0207 101 9315 if you would like to learn further exciting implications of applying for tote bags, including personalised canvas tote bags wholesale, from Garment Printing.