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Personalised Magnets

Here at Garment Printing, we offer a range of personalisable magnets for brands and events to use for their marketing purposes. Magnets are a classic marketing tool, especially when it comes to merchandising products.


Magnets are one of the most affordable merchandising products, and their small size and portability make them an ideal item for events or launches where storage space is an issue. Here are some examples of when and where personalised magnets can make a great choice for brands.

  • ‘Goodie bags’ with your company merch inside – including magnets is a great idea because space can be limited.
  • Trade shows or expos where you have limited space available for storage of merch items.
  • Outdoor launches or ‘on-the-street’ campaigning – carrying large items may be difficult, so magnets make a great choice.
  • Marketing by post – Our slim magnets can easily fit through letterboxes.

Why should I invest in personalised branded magnets?

The idea of promotional products with your company name or brand on is to keep your information at the forefront of your customer’s mind. Magnets work great for this because they sit on a customers fridge or freezer – which is usually at eye level and frequently viewed throughout the day.

Having your company information visible in the homes of your customers is great because it means they won’t lose your information, and it means they’ll be reminded of the services you offer, without you having to do anything.

Who can use magnets for merchandising?

Anyone can benefit from using magnets for merchandising, but local companies tend to greatly benefit from it. When giving away magnets for free, with your brand information on it – you’ll want to provide something useful on the magnet – so you can be sure your customer will want to keep it and display it.

Here are some ideas:

Idea 1: For trades workers, many ‘team together’ a budget to buy magnets that provide a list of essential contacts in the local area. If you’re a plumber, and you also have a friend who’s a builder, and maybe know an electrician and a gardener – why not create a ‘local contacts’ magnets which list all of your details.

Idea 2: Calendars work great for magnets because they’re useful and everyone always needs one. Creating a calendar magnet design with your brand on it is something lots of local residents may find incredibly useful.

Idea 3: Photo frame magnets are a great choice for mass appeal because everyone loves having photos of loved ones on their fridge or freezer. Magnet frames are perfect for displaying them, and you can pop your brand logo on there to keep the company at the forefront of their minds.

Idea 4: Business cards also make great magnets, and people often put them on their fridge for companies they know they’ll need to reference. This tactic works great for estate agents, trades workers, school, doctors, etc.

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