Embossed T-Shirt

An embossed t-shirt is a great way to put your brand on physical display, and they make quirky alternatives to the simple personalisation option.

T-shirt embossing 

 Add a new depth to your logo or slogan with our refined, embossed designs, we have a unique process for creating these products and we ensure a totally individual end product. 

Embossed prints really do stand out from the crowd, whether you choose to have your design on a hoodie, t-shirt, or sweatshirt. There’s a distinctive modern feel to an embossed product, as they can take your logo/slogan and give it a really bold finish. The 3D effect captures simplicity while also making a real impact on anyone that sees it, making it perfect for developing brand awareness. 

Our embossed products have the signature ‘raised’ effect on your print of choice, making your logo appear 3D, and our expert process has been refined over the years to ensure we capture the best of this standout effect. Typically, our embossed designs are done without colour, instead we simply create an imprint of your logo/design and the outlines create the raised appearance. An embossed print means that your design is moulded into the fabric, rather than simply printed onto it. If you’d like to see this effect first hand with your design, contact us today and create one of our test prints

If it’s time to give your branded garments a refresh, then opting for our embossed design is a great choice. For a luxurious, high-end appearance, created in line with our consistent superb quality status, our embossed t-shirts are the ideal option. The way this design style captures brand identity is wholly unique, giving your logo/slogan a sophisticated edge. We’re also able to dispatch your order with our express printing service, so you can enjoy your products quicker.

Be sure to check out our wider range of products and printing techniques, too. From our range of embroidered jumpers to printed polo shirts, we can advise you on the best print method including eco-friendly water based screen printing and glow in the dark screen printing. Take a look at our extensive range of products online now.

Order an embossed sample 

If you’d like to order a sample of our embossed fabric, to see how your embossed t-shirts will look, you can get in touch with our team. We’re always looking to help you manage and design your project efficiently – so we’re always happy to help. Find out more by visiting our Sample page and Ordering today or call us for advice. We are here to help.

Placing an order for embossed t-shirts 

If you’re going to place an order for embossed t-shirts for your business or brand, be sure to get in touch with us. We’d love to help you create your perfect t-shirt and we’re specialists in embossing and creating high quality end results. 

Our embossing and printing experts will be on hand throughout the process to ensure your project goes perfectly. 

Need a closer look at our Printing Techniques?

Download this free printing techniques guide and get a graphical and informative representation of how to get the best out of your personalised clothing designs

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