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Success For Amazon With Printed T-Shirts

The Client

During the Mobile World Congress 2016, Amazon wanted to steal the show and turn the event into a meaningful event that would allowed them to capture more leads and contacts and make the most of this excellent marketing opportunity.

The Challenge

As we’ve printed for Amazon in the past, the biggest challenge was to ensure that we could deliver the same high-quality service that we have for Amazon’s previous events. As the T-Shirts were representing their brand, we offered Amazon B&C T-Shirts with screen printing to ensure that we produced high-quality garments that were printed to perfection. We previously provided embroidered work shirts for Amazon, which they wore at their latest event, Summit; the staff were still wearing them at the Mobile World Congress so we knew that we’d done a good job previously and wanted to make sure that we were able to provide the same quality this time around.

The Conclusion 

For the T-Shirts, we offered B&C garments because of their high-quality and excellent printability. We also decided that screen printing was the best printing technique to use as it meant that we could accurately recreate their design and ensure that it remained consistent throughout all of the printing work. As screen printing was used, we could also offer excellent price break discounts to ensure that all of the printing work was done well within their budget.

For the event,  Amazon required 800 T-Shirts in total, 400 with “Big Data” printed and another 400 with “Start Up” on them. Each model consisted of 2 – 3 colour prints on the front and sleeves and it all had to be delivered by the deadline.

As a result of these 2 events, we’re still working with Amazon and we’re currently preparing their promotional products for the 2016 Mobile World Congress which is in February 2016. We’ve also expanded our products to include banners, roll ups and flyers to suit all of Amazon’s different needs.


We were able to deliver all of the printed T-Shirts by Amazon’s set deadline and they were delighted with the final result. As a company, we’re delighted to have such as high-profile client using our services and we’re also delighted that they’re extremely happy with our customer service and the quality of our garments and printing services.

After the event, a representative from Amazon got in contact with us to tell us:

“Everything was great. We received the T-Shirts in perfect time. The printing was fantastic and the folding and bagging were exactly as required. We will keep in touch for our next event!”

Don’t just take our word for it – we have the words of some clients we’ve supplied to in the past that you may have heard of!