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Promotional Printed T-Shirts For Floodline Brewing Co. - Header Image Promotional Printed T-Shirts For Floodline Brewing Co. - Header Image

Promotional Printed T-Shirts For Floodline Brewing Co.

The Client 

Floodline’s brewing team – Nina Ballantyne, Ed Evans, Pete Sansom, Liam Hainley and Claire Dobson – all met while they were student volunteers at Glasgow University Queen Margaret Union and, although on separate courses, they shared their love for good beer. So when the notion for a brewery was mooted – round a pub table (of course!) – there was no real option other than to run with the idea.

The five friends, all of which in their early 20’s, launched Floodline in January having spent months piecing together enough money to rent the Brewkit at Drygate and for the ingredients for their first two beers: Fearless Nadia IPA (5.5%) and Herta Wheat Beer (6.2%).

“We are Floodline Brewing Co. We brew beautiful small batch beers and send them out into the world for you to meet. Look at our first couple of beers, Herta Hopped Up Wheat Ale and Fearless Nadia India Pale Ale.”

The Challenge

Floodline Brewery came to us originally wanted 5 T-Shirts printed for an upcoming beer event which they were attending. They quickly decided that they would order more after speaking to our sales expert – Chris. He explained that their design would look best if it was printed using the Screen Printing technique but this required a minimum order of 25 T-Shirts to be printed. After this was explained, Floodline agreed that they could sell extra T-Shirts at the event and also use them for free promotional giveaways.

The client provided us with their vector file (essential when using Screen Printing). This allowed us to proceed and start printing the order. The design was a single colour, white, and the client wanted it printed onto black T-Shirts. They didn’t really know what kind of T-Shirt they would like to use so we recommended the Gildan GD01 which is our most popular Tee.

This is due to its low-cost and lightweight build which make it perfect for keeping the cost of the order down without having to sacrifice quality or comfort.


As soon as we received the artwork file we instantly arranged for the order to be printed. Using Screen Printing meant that we could use the same screen to print their design onto all of the 25 T-Shirts which helped us speed up the entire printing process.

Once the T-Shirts were printed we delivered them to the client quickly so they could wear them at the beer event and they instantly began selling the T-Shirts to their clients.

Don’t just take our word for it – we have the words of some clients we’ve supplied to in the past that you may have heard of!