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Promotional Printed T-Shirts for Apcera

The Client

Apcera is a company which is based in San Francisco in the United States. They provide a platform for running and securing your business applications on a global scale.

Apcera makes it easy to combine rapid innovation with managed, policy-controlled operations. They allow you to deploy a variety of workloads, from small applications to complex, feature-rich operating systems. You can establish policies for their behaviour and connections knowing that the Apcera system will enforce those policies as it runs your jobs, monitors their health, orchestrates their interactions and helps you to monitor how your business is performing.

The Challenge

Apcera was sending a team to represent them at the DockerCon event which was held in Barcelona on November 16th and 17th. For the event they required promotional T Shirts which their staff would wear to highlight who they were and what company they were representing. They also wanted to use a T Shirt brand which they knew and could trust which also provided maximum comfort during both days of the event.

Another challenge for us was their logo features transparency which suited Direct To Garment printing however they required to pantone match the logo to ensure that their brand was represented perfectly. They contacted our Barcelona office asking for information and help to produce their printing designs and was please and surprised to find out English speaking staff was able to understand all of their printing requirements and was able to recommend the perfect solution for their printing needs.

The design itself was unusual as it required having their logo running vertically down one of the side of their T-Shirts but we were able to get this printed with ease.

The Conclusion

As the client wanted to use a T Shirt brand which they were familiar with, we decided to offer using the Bella and Canvas 3001 which is made in Los Angeles in the USA. This was quickly accepted and meant that we could begin to focus on their design as quickly as possible.

At first we recommended using DTG printing as it would allow us to get the transparency on their logo but, unfortunately, it didn’t allow for an exact pantone match which was also required to represent the brand perfectly. For this reason we suggested using Screen Printing as it would also allow us to use the same screen to produce all of the 250 T Shirts which were required for the event.

As the client was based in America and getting the garments delivered directly to them would be difficult and wouldn’t allow much time for them to take all of the printed T Shirts with them to the event. For this reason we offered to deliver the T Shirts directly to the event and directly to their stand to ensure that they would receive the T Shirts without having to arrange shipment to America which would of increased the cost of the order thanks to International delivery.

Apcera was really happy that we were able to arrange all of their printing work and arranged for delivery to their stand to keep the costs down. Shortly after the event they contacted us with this message:

“The shirts look good, arrived in the booth for us perfectly, I really appreciate Garment Printing’s help and services.”

Don’t just take our word for it – we have the words of some clients we’ve supplied to in the past that you may have heard of!