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Promotional Printed Sportswear For BeachFit Barcelona - Header Image Promotional Printed Sportswear For BeachFit Barcelona - Header Image

Promotional Printed Sportswear For BeachFit Barcelona

The Client 

Beach Fit is a fitness revolution that is sweeping across the whole of Barcelona, Spain. It’s a unique solution, which aims to improve your fitness levels, help you to lose weight fast as well as helping people to de-stress completely.

The Challenge 

BeachFit is a client we’ve worked with previously, creating their accessories and fitness garments. We were previously asked to create a number of printed vests, bags, and other sporting accessories which could be used in their online shop, for giveaways and to be used in promotions to encourage more people to sign up for their excellent fitness initiative. They returned to us looking for more comfortable workwear that their personal trainers and staff could wear during the workout sessions. Previously, the printing was done using Cad Cut vinyl but our client was looking for a more durable and robust printing method that still provided maximum comfort so the wearers could comfortably workout without suffering any irritation.


We suggested that embroidery would be the best technique to provide more durability and to also make sure that the garment was still super comfortable. The stitching also provides a longer-lasting technique and is completely machine washable without losing its colour or the stitching. We were asked to create 2 designs, which were to be embroidered on T-Shirts, jackets, caps and bags.

At Garment Printing we are always making sure to exceed our customers’ expectations. We have a lot of experience in both clothing printing as well as printed promotional merchandise.

Further, we ensure to only use state-of-the-art machinery and use the most modern printing techniques.

Our printing techniques include:

The Conclusion 

The result was fantastic and our clients love the caps and jackets that were personalised for them. The quality of the stitching was excellent and showcased all of the detail on the BeachFit Junkie logo. We’re continuing to work with the BeachFit team and supply all of the work and sportswear for their resale store and for their staff to wear.

Once the printing was done, BeachFit got in touch with us to say this:

“Some awesome embroidery. The embroidery that Garment Printing did for us were excellent. Cheers”

Don’t just take our word for it – we have the words of some clients we’ve supplied to in the past that you may have heard of!