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Printed T-Shirts to Promote World Osteoporosis Day 2014 - Header Image Printed T-Shirts to Promote World Osteoporosis Day 2014 - Header Image

Printed T-Shirts to Promote World Osteoporosis Day 2014

The Client

The World Osteoporosis Day 2014 is a global yearly medical awareness event, taking place on October 20 and in 90 countries. The event is organised by the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF). The organisation’s volunteers create a local event through its membership. This is promoted to the local community to support the cause. Each year the organisation promotes awareness dedicated to raising global awareness of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis and metabolic bone disease. This is achieved through traditional and electronic channels. Attendees raise awareness through associating their personal brand to the cause.

This year the organisation is highlighting that the medical condition also affects men. Previously osteoporosis has been erroneously seen as a female related condition. To address this, the organisation has launched a campaign called ‘Real Men’, highlighting its effects on male health.

The Challenge 

Lontro explained, “The next event will take place under a month. The aim of the garment is to maximise awareness and advocacy of osteoporosis and metabolic bone diseases. A promotional t-shirt will be given away, free of charge, to everyone who is involved on the day of the event. Everyone who signs up to the event also gets extra materials to promote it. We encourage people to sign up and to maximise the effectiveness of the campaign”, stated Lontro.


Garment Printing got involved with the project. What was most important was the garment’s print quality to be high quality, imagery brand colour matching and correctly sized garments. In addition the client wanted a final product delivered by a specific date on a good quality fabric.

Commenting on the service and turnaround Lontro explained, “I was very impressed with the service from start to end. Your designer literally responded to me to my questions within minutes of sending an email. I was very impressed with quality of the garments; they arrived very, very promptly. Actually, They arrived earlier than anticipated.” Leandro Rivas, Garment Printing’s lead designer who oversaw the design and fulfilment of the garment said, “It was a pleasure to have worked and fulfilled the IOF’s expectations. Each time we work on a charity awareness campaign, it’s an educational experience and a worthy campaign.”

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