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Printed T-Shirts For Digital Catapult Event

The Client

Digital Catapult is a market-led technology, innovation and research centre aimed at scaling young companies and helping traditional businesses make better use of digital technology. The company’s goal is to make the UK economy more digital – and therefore more productive and faster growing.

Digital Catapult works with exciting startups to help build new sectors and new opportunities in emerging areas of technology such as the Internet of Things, 5G, AI and Immersive technologies. It also works with larger traditional companies, to help them develop new ways of innovating and to introduce them to earlier stage innovative businesses.

Digital Catapult is not like any other innovative centre or research organisation. It has deep business and technology expertise and a terrific network of partners, from academia and the business world, fostering collaboration. Creating the conditions for serendipity is part of what makes innovation possible – that’s what everyone at Digital Catapult is there to do.

The Challenge 

When Digital Catapult contacted us, they were looking for some printed T-Shirts to help promote one of their projects and as promotional items for attendees at an upcoming event called ‘Hackathon 2016’. This event is where participants can build any idea (from scratch) over the course of 30 hours. They can network with mentors to get tech help and feedback and then proceed through two rounds of judging.

Our client required T-Shirts printed with highlighted the name of the company, the event they were attending and contact details for their company. For this challenge, we decided that the best printing technique would be Screen Printing as it allowed us to accurately create their design and it would be displayed perfectly on the black Gildan GD01 T-Shirts, which they selected.

Each T-Shirt had to feature printing on the front left breast and also across the back of the T-Shirt which meant that we had to prepare 2 different screens to ensure that all of the printing work was correct and it was the same across all of the 100 T-Shirts.

Once our customer confirmed the visual mockup, we instantly sent the order to be printed. As the customer required 100 shirts over varying sizes, using Screen Printing also allowed us to use the same screen to recreate the designs across all of the T-Shirts meaning that we could complete the order quickly and within their timeframe.


The order was printed and dispatched to the client quickly so that they were able to receive the garments and ensure that they were exactly how they had envisaged them. Once the client received the garments they were impressed with the printing work that had been done and they contacted us to thank us for the printing work.

We’re looking forward to working with Digital Catapult in the future on any events they are planning on attending.

Don’t just take our word for it – we have the words of some clients we’ve supplied to in the past that you may have heard of!