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Printed Martial Arts Uniforms for Tiger

The Client

Tiger Martial Arts is headed by instructor Nikon and was founded in 2014. They offer classes at a number of different locations around the South-West of the UK, which means they need a lot of customised sportswear! Tiger Martial Arts believe Martial Arts is about more than just kicking and punching:

“Martial Arts can give you the confidence to achieve in all areas of your life. Yes, you can learn to take care of yourself in dangerous situations, but really it’s about learning to use your mind and body like a martial artist – learn how to control your body and your mind, and you will be set up for life. It’s about:

  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Growth
  • Respect
  • Self-control

it’s about Tigers!”

The Challenge 

Tigers instructor, Nick, contacted us because he wanted to get a printing company in Bath to provide them with  high quality, durable print onto martial arts judogi – which is the uniform the students wear. The print had to withstand the continual use and the washing at high temperatures.

The garments were all made of a thick drill with a coating which proved incredibly challenging but that didn’t stop us here at Garment Printing from finding the perfect solution!

Initially, we thought a standard screen print would be the perfect option but after a wash test, we found that the print had faded and so, after doing more test prints and wash tests we found that the solution was to use an additive in the ink. We added a catalyst EZ444 (SERICOL) which ended up providing around 2% of the ink. The catalyst is designed to harden the ink through the dryer and makes it eat directly into the fabric to prevent it from washing off.

To be 100% sure there would be no issues with the print, we then heat-pressed the tops to help reduce any possible fibrillation which may occur during the drying process.


Understandably, Nick wasn’t impressed with the initial result but once we explained the problem and offered to do a full re-print and testing to find the perfect solution he was happy with the service which we were able to provide.

After the testing and the inclusion of an additive, the print came out perfectly and we’ve had no problems since printing on martial arts uniforms.

Once Nick received the second batch of printed garments he wrote this comment to us:

“I purchased 200 black and white prints on my own supplied martial arts uniforms, with high expectations! Garments arrived looking fresh and crisp with a nice big black Tiger Martial Arts logo on the back. I had some difficulties with the print after washing due to the type of material. After speaking with Garment Printing, they arranged for the entire batch to be sent back to them, including the ones that had faded in the wash.

“After some test prints with a new process, Garment Printing managed to get an upgraded ink with more thorough curing process, and have continued to provide a perfect print for my martial arts uniforms. We’re very happy with the way that the team dealt with the situation and how they managed to find a solution! We are continuing to use Garment Printing every year for their excellent services.”

Don’t just take our word for it – we have the words of some clients we’ve supplied to in the past that you may have heard of!