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Personalised T-Shirts for Hoozar’s motoring event - Header Image Personalised T-Shirts for Hoozar’s motoring event - Header Image

Personalised T-Shirts for Hoozar’s motoring event

The Client

Hoozar are a company that offers a range of vintage scooters to motorists and lovers of everything vintage. They are top sellers of the Polish Junak scooters and hold popular Polish BBQs where they exhibit their selection of stylish models.

The Challenge

The client contacted us here at Garment Printing as they needed a number of T-Shirts printed for their online shop and to sell at their many events around London.

They needed 100 T-Shirts, both men’s and women’s, printed with one of their unique vintage designs. The catch was that they had an event the following weekend and needed the T-Shirts to sell. This was not a problem for us, our express team sprung into action and got the order processed in a matter of minutes.

Due to the complexity and style of the design, we opted for DTG printing (Direct To Garment). With DTG we are able to print intricate, photographic quality artwork with a transparent background, directly onto the garment. When printing onto white cotton products, the print sinks into the fabric making it almost unnoticeable to the touch, as opposed to more traditional techniques such as screen printing or transferwhich can give a heavy weighted print. It works best on white fabrics made of at least 80% cotton. As the client wanted white T-Shirts, this was really the best option.

Everything was going smoothly until the T-Shirts were delivered to our print house and we noticed some of them were spoiled with some kind of stain. This must have happened in transit and could have delayed the order.

Here at Garment Printing, we’re prepared for situations like this and quickly ordered more stock. This meant that we had to wait for the new stock to arrive before we could begin production, giving us a day less than we thought we had.


Despite the slight delay, the client received their T-Shirts on time. The client was extremely happy with the results, their event was a great success and the T-Shirts are now on sale on their website.

“Thank you so much! The T-shirts look amazing and they got here on time so obviously we are very happy with the service.” – Kasia Kaszowska

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