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Feel Brave Uses Printed T-Shirts to Help Kids Cope with Tough Emotions - Header Image Feel Brave Uses Printed T-Shirts to Help Kids Cope with Tough Emotions - Header Image

Feel Brave Uses Printed T-Shirts to Help Kids Cope with Tough Emotions

The Client

Feel Brave is a beautiful set of characters and poems which are designed to help children manage tough emotions and feel brave.

Stress can block learning and the flow of creativity. Our world has never been more distracting and fast paced than it is right now. It’s also never been more exciting and full of potential to share great ideas about how to make a radical positive change. The Feel Brave stories (which were released in 2016) are targeted towards 4 – 7-year-olds but can be used either side of those ages too. The stories are designed to focus on key subjects such as managing feelings and behaviours around anxiety, nervousness, worries, making relationships (bullying), dealing with separation anxiety, learning mindfulness and relaxation and dealing with feelings around loss and bereavement.

The Challenge 

Avril contacted us when she was after some top quality printed garments to sell as part of her children’s range. She was looking for top quality fashion brands and we advised her that the N02 and N03 by Continental fell within that bracket.

Avril was working to a tight budget so we advised her to stick with the white colour as it’s cheaper than having coloured T-Shirts printed. This also meant that the T-Shirts were best suited to Direct To Garment printing as DTG is much cheaper on white garments. There was a total of 5 different designs, all colourful illustrations provided by Tatiana Minina, a talented illustrator based in Massachusetts, USA. The illustrations were adapted from original prototypes designed and made by Asa Pettersson, a Swedish designer working in New Zealand.

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We used DTG printing to create all of the garments and after they were sent to Avril, she was very impressed with how they turned out. Everyone involved with the project was immensely happy with the results and they’ve been selling well ever since. Avril was quick to tell us:

“Thanks Garment Printing for the great T Shirt rewards you helped us produce for the successful Feel Brave Kickstarter crowd source funding campaign! We reached our funding target on day 5 of the 30 day campaign to build the Free Brave App (just search for ‘Feel Brave’ in the App store).

“Garment Printing  were speedy and professional and we’d love to use them again next year for the organic / Fair Trade merchandise for the Feel Brave books launching next year!”

Don’t just take our word for it – we have the words of some clients we’ve supplied to in the past that you may have heard of!