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Embroidered workwear for Mama graF - Header Image Embroidered workwear for Mama graF - Header Image

Embroidered workwear for Mama graF

The Client

Mama graF is a company that specialises in framing and interior decoration. However, this hardly does them justice. Their real passion are the plastic arts and everything ‘graphic’. They sell a massive range of framed graphic images and well known designs from famous artists through the decades. Some of their most popular frames feature iconic comic book covers or notorious pop art images such as Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe.

The Challenge

The team at Mama graF got in contact with us as they wanted to create personalised clothing with their brand logo. However, their order was distinct in that they wanted to personalise a large number of different items of clothing they already had. Though we do offer this service, it is not often that people come to us with such a large quantity of garments. However, as the client lived close to our Barcelona office, the order was facilitated by the fact that Mama graF could personally delivery the bags of clothing to us, to then be sent to the closest factory.

As the clothing was to be used as personalised workwear for their treasure trove exhibition and workshop space, they were looking for something that would look professional and attractive. For this reason, they opted for embroidered workwear and their logo was applied to everything from trousers, polo shirts, T-Shirts and jackets.


When embroidering, it’s important to make sure that the fabric used is heavy enough for the size and weight of the embroidery as is sometimes the case that the fabric can’t support the weight of the design, meaning that it droops slightly or doesn’t allow for the threads to properly ‘take’ to the fabric.

After inspecting the garments provided by the client, they were deemed adequate for embroidery by our printing and embroidery experts.

The order was processed in good time and the embroidered garments were delivered back to the Barcelona office, where they were collected by the client.

The great thing about this personalisation technique is that it gives a professional finish to any item of clothing, hence why embroidered workwear is usually chosen over other printing techniques.


The client was very happy with the embroidered workwear and has since ordered a number of embroidered caps to go with their embroidered workwear.

“We turned to Garment Printing as we needed printed workwear for our company.

The material we wanted to use wasn’t adequate for what we had in mind so the Garment Printing team gave us a new idea, to get embroidered workwear with our logo instead.
It was a great idea and we’re really happy with the outcome.” – Mama graF.


Don’t just take our word for it – we have the words of some clients we’ve supplied to in the past that you may have heard of!