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Dye Sublimation T-Shirts for fashion retail store Drawn Fresh - Header Image Dye Sublimation T-Shirts for fashion retail store Drawn Fresh - Header Image

Dye Sublimation T-Shirts for fashion retail store Drawn Fresh

The Client

Drawn Fresh is a small startup that specialises in printed T-Shirts featuring comic book heroes and villains such as Wonder Woman, Spider Man and The Hulk. Their eye-catching designs have become popular amongst comic book fans – adults and children alike – and are often released as limited edition numbers.

The Challenge

We’ve been working with Drawn Fresh since their inception last year and love receiving their new designs for the boldness of the colours and the richness of the print produced.

Due to their designs being so full of life, they wanted them to cover the entire T-Shirt, known as all-over print. We decided from the beginning that dye sublimation printing would be the best option as it produces photographic quality prints and picks up even the smallest of details.

As all over sublimation printing produces the best results with synthetic fabrics, we opted for a 100% polyester T-Shirt, later also printing on 100% polyester sweatshirts.

As Drawn Fresh is an online T-Shirt shop, there is always a short turnaround time as their client has already made the order and is expecting to receive their T-Shirt within the company’s stated order processing time. Naturally, not everyone orders the same T-Shirt in the same size, meaning that we are often dealing with multiple designs at the same time.

Despite this, we always manage to get the product to the client on time and continue to work closely alongside them.


“As a small on-demand start-up it was very hard for us to find the right printing service for our business. Working with Garment Printing is what helped us grow as they had no minimum order requirements and a very high print quality standard. With a turnaround period of only 7 days they helped us build a loyal, trusting customer base. One year on from when we started working together and we now ship products all over the world! Would definitely recommend Garment Printing to anyone!”

Don’t just take our word for it – we have the words of some clients we’ve supplied to in the past that you may have heard of!