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An Inspiring Story on How Donated Printed T-Shirts Helped Charities in Mongolia - Header Image An Inspiring Story on How Donated Printed T-Shirts Helped Charities in Mongolia - Header Image

An Inspiring Story on How Donated Printed T-Shirts Helped Charities in Mongolia

The Client 

The two brothers Mo and Abdul El-Togby have set a goal to raise money to drive an ambulance from London, to Mongolia in aid of the UK charity GoHelp. They aimed to donate the ambulance, raise £1,000 in sponsorship, to donate equipment to Mongolian health and educational children’s charities.

The Challenge 

To maximise impact and money raised, the brothers were looking for sponsors to provide them with food and equipment on their journey. Garment Printing was happy to donate t-shirts for the cause: “Garment Printing sponsored our team t-shirts to wear during our drive. They were awesome navy blue and white T-shirts. They look and feel amazing when worn. They sported our logo and slogan on them. These guys know how to design t-shirts and know how to print!”

The sales team carefully assessed the needs of Team Flying Carpet, and opted based on the design and the use of the t-shirts for a DTG print. This type of print is suitable for designs with many colours, and very smooth to the touch, giving it a nice feeling on the skin. Therefore DTG was the optimal choice for the charity rally.

Gavin Drake, Director of Garment Printing said, “Each year we donate over £25,000 to charities in UK and Spain. When we spoke with the brothers we immediately jumped at the chance to help them with this worthwhile cause.”

Due to road troubles, the team did not quite make it to Mongolia with the ambulance. The brothers decided to donate the ambulance to a hospital in Kolob, Tajikistan. The ambulance will be the first for the city. It was nicknamed “Amber” by the brothers. The journey took about two months.


The money the brothers raised exceeded the targeted amount of $1,000. In the end they raised $4,000 for the local charities. It has now been donated to charities in Mongolia, to improve education and healthcare for children and young people. The ambulance will be instrumental in raising the healthcare and life expectancy for the local community.

After the event Garment Printing received an email and photographs from the brothers. Drake explained, “Every time we help out a good cause, and see the joy it brings not only to those who we sponsor and those who are receiving aid, it makes me proud, as a business owner to have given. On the receipt of their email, I immediately sent it to the entire company. The joy it bought to everyone, having been a part in their success was overwhelming.”

Message From Garment Printing
We are pleased that the charity rally has been a success and are proud of our involvement in it. We wish Mo and Abdul all the best for future charity projects. Be sure to count on us next time!

Don’t just take our word for it – we have the words of some clients we’ve supplied to in the past that you may have heard of!