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What is Water-Based Screen Printing, and Why Choose it for Your Custom Garments?

Every day, more and more people are interested in finding sustainable alternatives for their custom clothing. Due to this, water-based screen printing has gained popularity as an eco-friendly option that offers quality, durability, and sustainability. In this article, we explain everything about water-based screen printing and the reasons why you should consider using it for your custom garments.

What is Water-Based Screen Printing?

Water-based screen printing is a textile printing method that uses water-based inks instead of chemical solvents. This process relies on fine mesh screens to transfer ink onto the surface of the garment, creating vivid and durable designs.

Water-Based Screen Printing Process:

  1. Design Preparation: A digital design is created and then transferred onto a fine mesh screen.
  2. Screen Preparation: The screen is prepared with a photosensitive emulsion and exposed to light to harden the design area, allowing the ink to pass through the selected areas.
  3. Printing: The water-based ink is placed on the screen and pressed through it with a squeegee, transferring the design onto the fabric of the garment.
  4. Drying and Curing: Once printed, the garment is left to dry and is cured at high temperature to permanently set the ink, ensuring a long-lasting design.
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Why Choose Water-Based Screen Printing for Your Custom Garments?

1. Quality and Aesthetics:

Choosing water-based screen printing ensures that the colours of your designs are vivid, while also providing a soft finish to the touch. This type of screen printing is ideal for logos and more complex, detailed designs that require precision and quality.

2. Durability:

Apart from being softer and more eco-friendly than solvent-based inks, water-based ink is surprisingly durable. Designs printed with this method can withstand multiple washes without the colour or sharpness being compromised, maintaining quality for much longer.

3. Sustainability:

One of the biggest advantages of water-based screen printing is that it is an environmentally friendly printing method. Water-based inks are less toxic and do not contain harsh chemicals, making them safe for workers and friendly to the environment. Additionally, the process of cleaning printing tools is simpler and uses less water compared to other printing methods.

4. Versatility:

Water-based screen printing is suitable for a wide variety of fabrics and types of garments, from t-shirts and sweatshirts to bags and caps. This makes it a versatile option for businesses, sports teams, events, and organizations that want to customize high-quality garments.

Start Personalising with Water-Based Screen Printing

By choosing water-based screen printing for your custom clothing, you will not only have a high-quality final product but also contribute to environmental protection.

At Garment Printing, we are committed to sustainability in all our processes, which is why, in addition to offering a wide variety of sustainable products and packaging, we offer eco-friendly printing techniques.

So, boost your brand even more by giving it customization but, above all, sustainability.