Best Unique and Unusual Wedding Favour Ideas

Best Unique & Unusual Wedding Favour Ideas
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Unique and unusual wedding favours are a great way to make your day memorable, and also give your guests a little something to say thank you for being there and enjoying the day with you. Long gone are the days when a sprig of rosemary or a bag of sugared almonds would suffice as a wedding favour! The trend now is to give your guests thoughtful and personalised gifts, showing them just how much you treasure their attendance on your big day.

With that in mind, here are some ideas for unique and unusual wedding favours.

Personalised shot glass

If you plan on toasting in the marriage with a shot of something, a personalised shot glass is a great option as a unique and unusual wedding favour. It’s something fun and quirky and it’ll definitely get everyone talking and break the ice around the table. We recommend putting the wedding date on the glass, and maybe the guests’ name, but you can be as inventive as you like here. You can even put a personalised mini bottle of alcohol on the table for each guest to enjoy in their new shot glass!

Personalised sunglasses

If you’re having a summer wedding and you want to give your guests a unique wedding favour that is actually useful, then a personalised pair of sunglasses is a fantastic option. On those sunny summer days when you’re stood outside having cocktails and champagne, a pair of sunglasses is a great idea for guests, and it’s something they’ll actually use too! We can help with this option here at Garment Printing, so get in touch if you’d like a quote.

Personalised sweets

Personalised sweets are a classic choice, but we think they’re still pretty unusual and unique – especially if you personalise the sweets to you and your partner’s favourites. You could make up a miniature pick and mix bags full of all your favourite sweets, and even write little notes on each bag thanking people for being there.

Personalised flip flops

If you plan on doing lots of dancing during your wedding, or if you plan on having a beach wedding – flip flops make a really unusual wedding favour idea. It’s cute and quirky and genuinely useful too – so we think your guests will love it. You can even pick different colours for different guests, and have a little printed personalised message on them. Perfect!  We can help with this option here at Garment Printing, so get in touch if you’d like a quote.

Scratch cards

Scratch cards make a fun and unique wedding favour idea, that guests will really enjoy! It gives your guests something to do when they sit down to eat, and who doesn’t love the excitement of winning something on a scratch card? This wedding favour idea always goes down a treat.

Homemade “homebrew”

If you have a friend or family member who makes their own wine, vodka or ‘homebrew’ then why not ask them to make enough for everyone at the wedding? You can place them all into mini bottles, tie them up with ribbons, and let everyone enjoy the taste!

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