We don’t just do T-Shirt printing

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Personalised T-Shirt printing is our speciality. We offer next day T-Shirt printing, cheap printed T-Shirts, bespoke T-Shirt printing and charity T-Shirt printing. But this isn’t all we do. In fact, our services range from personalised workwear to the labelling and relabelling of garments. Over the years we have listened to the needs of our clients and have expanded our services based on you and the projects you want to carry out. As you will discover, we will do everything in our power to make the printing process go as smoothly and quickly as possible from the moment you get a quote to the delivery, we even offer graphic design assistance.

Of course, these services are not solely available for printed T-Shirts. We have a myriad of garments and many different promotional products you can print and embroider on, including personalised workwear and sportswear. In our catalogue we have a range of personalised hoodies, tote bags, polo shirts, promotional merchandise and headwear, and if there’s a particular product you want to print on but don’t find it on our site, get in touch. We’ve got a variety of suppliers who stock thousands of printable products just waiting to be personalised. We’ll always help our clients with whatever idea they have, however crazy. In fact, our motto is “if you can imagine it, we can print it.”

This summer, products such as personalised flip flops, custom slides shoes, sunglasses and beach balls have been popular. And now that we’re heading into winter, you might like to consider getting some personalised hoodies or embroidered jackets for yourself and your staff.

If it’s promotional merchandise you’re in need of, think outside of the box. Naturally, people tend to think printed T-Shirts right off the bat. However, there are so many eye-catching promo products out there that you’d be better off selecting if you want your brand to stand out . Though printed T-Shirts might be one of the most popular promotional products, you must always consider your industry and target audience. Is everyone going to want a T-Shirt or would you be better off giving away something a little more gimmicky or tailored to your customers’ tastes and needs? Of course, it’s also important to adapt your product to the season you’re giving it away in. For example, to try giving away your leftover personalised flip flops in October might not go down so well. Just as umbrellas or printed rain macs aren’t likely to get picked up by passers by on a scorching summer’s day.

If you would like more advice, take a look at our promotional merchandise infographic here, which looks into how to best target your audience and which products are more likely to appeal to certain groups.

Here are a number of promotional merchandise printing projects that caught our eye for their originality.

Take a look for some inspiration:
London’s Metro magazine got a large number of personalised swim trunks printed in order to promote the launch of the new third series of Love Island. Check them out!

IBM went for promotional merchandise that was specific to their industry and clientele. Instead of opting for the obvious printed T-Shirt, they went for printed newspapers with their own personalised content. Check them out!


Corporate workwear is also one of our specialities, and we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be straight and stuffy.

We’ve seen many clients having fun with it, whilst also being very practical. Some of our favourite personalised printed workwear has included Foxy Bingo’s printed rain macs and the hundreds of bright blue printed caps we screen printed for the Mayor’s Fund For London. The former were smart and, being based in England, took extra precautions in light of the temperamental English weather. The latter also thought about the conditions of the event, deciding that printed caps were a good option as they gave protection from both the rain and the sun.

We realise that every company or event has its own requirements, which is why we offer an extensive range of corporate workwear.  Aside from printed T-Shirts for events, we offer printing and embroidery services on anything from custom chefs wear, aprons and hi vis clothing.

If, in fact all you want is T-Shirt printing, don’t forget that we offer next day express delivery services and a generous discount of 20% to all registered charities and NGOs – please see our charity T-Shirt printing page.

If you already know what you want, get in touch for a hassle-free, tailored quote now!

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