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Model Face Mask

Personalised masks: The perfect guide to choose yours

Here at Garment Printing we’re always looking for the latest trends and new items to offer you within our hygiene range, always bringing the right product for you.

Personalised face masks have become essential for everyone and nowadays there are a lot of different options available that we can produce and personalise for your personal project or business activity.

These personalised reusable masks all have certificates depending on the fabric and the pre-treatments that have been applied onto.

Here are some of the key factors that you need to consider when choosing the right face masks for you:

Comfort of the face masks

Many masks we’ve tested are not quite satisfying given the comfort when used.  Many of the personalised masks are so easy to drop down when talking, offering no protection to the user and his or her surroundings.

Our Sales team in Garment Printing have tested and used all different models so they can have an appropriate suggestion for this type of product. Ask your Sales agent to know more about the face adaptability in both adults and kids. You can always choose to have samples delivered of any model of face masks you’re interested in so you are 100% sure when submitting your order.

Composition of the face masks

We have personalised masks with different qualities in fabric and composition and filtering capabilities. You can choose between a pure polyester fabric which will endure even more uses than a 50% cotton merchandise mask

Personalisation of the face masks

We offer a wide range of colours in merchandise quality masks so they can adapt to your company identity.

With a one print colour on one side, you’ll get an unbeatable price. It does not necessarily have to be white or black. You can print any desired PANTONE colour that adapts to your brand.

Your logo will shine on the streets on reusable masks to customize while providing effective protection to your customers and / or employees.

We hope these tips can help you choose the custom reusable mask that best suits your needs. Do not forget that our sales agents at Garment Printing will always be able to guide and advise you so that you have the most suitable model at the best price guaranteed.

We are here to help you and we look forward to your inquiry!

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