Winter hoodies in the colours of winter – with an added discount!

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Winter’s well and truly on its way, and what does that mean? Time to dig out all of your thermals and get set for the coming months of frost and miserable weather. But, hey, cheer up! It’s not all doom and gloom, in fact, Winter is known to be one of the most wonderful times of the year! So what if the sun isn’t going to make an appearance for the next few months (well, realistically until next year)! Winter is the time for wrapping up in gloves, scarves, personalised jumpers and printed hoodies, and we have the perfect range, in winter colours for you to take advantage of. Can this get even better, we hear you say? Well, we’re also offering a discount on winter coloured clothing. Keep reading to find out more!

Winter colours for printed clothing

So, the colours of winter. I bet we know what you’re thinking – blue sparkling flowing gowns and bleach-blond hair, right? Well, we’re afraid to say you’re not quite right, so let it go! But when it comes to the colours of winter, it is fair to say that blue and white do usually come to mind. Another set of colours that usually have huge links with winter are red and green – which of course should never be seen… But how about white and claret?

This year we are looking at a change in traditional winter colours, as Continental brings us the Colours of Winter 2018. Crisp whites, warm clarets and burgundy are to be this years colours of winter and we have a few products to talk about which may be of interest, but first, what about this discount?


Well, this winter we want to celebrate the colours of winter range at Garment Printing and that is why we want to extend a discount of 10% on all white, claret and burgundy garments, from all suppliers. This discount is running until the end of 2017 and to activate the discount, please use the promo code – WINTERCOLOURS2017 !!

Printed hoodies and personalised sweatshirts

As we have already said, winter is on its way and what better way to wrap up than with a printed hoody or a personalised sweatshirt. At Garment Printing we work with a range of companies that promote a positive attitude towards eco-friendly printed clothing, that is why we offer printed garments from Continental Clothing as part of our range. We believe that any custom clothing from Continental Clothing would make the perfect addition when clients are considering purchasing printed promotional products from us.

If you are looking to invest in printed hoodies or personalised sweatshirts in one of our winter colours this year, Continental is a good place to start. Within the range of hoodies you will find the N50P burgundy hoody. This hoody could be personalised through a variety of our printing techniques, for example, embroidery. Why not get your company logo embroidered on the top right-hand breast. Created with an 80% organic cotton blend, this product is already eco-friendly, in addition to ethical. As part of the Fair Share range, purchasing this product means that you are helping cotton farmers across Africa and Asia to earn a fair wage. So aside from the ethical benefits, and obvious eco-friendly positives why not invest in a printing technique to make the personalisation match. Water-based screen printing is a brilliant way to print your logo or design onto a garment in a more eco-friendly way by using water-based screen printing inks, a printing technique that is a great option for fashion clients.


B&C printed hoodies

B&C Collection is one of our main suppliers and their mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every brand or business communication and that is something we love. Their products are always high quality and that has always been one of their priorities. They also value the importance of ring-spun cotton for the majority of their garments, as they know that it delivers the best quality for personalisation which truly benefits the wearer. It is a strong brand with an outstanding reputation for quality and service, who we are proud to work with!

One of the products available in their range, to which our promo code can be applied is the WU620 hoody, available in white and burgundy. With temperatures changing, so does our preference in sportswear, and as the quantity of tank tops and shorts drastically decreases, so increases the appearance of sweatshirts and hoodies. So, why not order a range of white personalised hoodies this winter, with your sports team’s logo embroidered on the front with added personalisation of each member’s name on the back? A sure way to stand out from the crowd and beat the competition this winter.

Gildan personalised sweatshirts

Gildan is a leading manufacturer of promotional clothing, which in addition are very affordable and also do not sacrifice quality. They have a wide variety of different products which includes: T-Shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, sportswear, underwear and more, all of which are ready to be personalised however you desire.

Gildan is one of the most popular choices among our customers and the GD01 and the GD72 T-Shirt models have been the most popular. Among their range there are a number of sweatshirts and jumpers available in the colours of winter for personalisation. A brilliant way in which you could personalise these garments is by DTG (Direct to garment printing). Direct to Garment Printing is the process for printing full-colour images onto garments. But, isn’t that just the same as all of our printing techniques, I hear you say? Actually, DTG is completely different. Unlike screen printing, which can include expensive setup fees, DTG is perfect for short runs of full-colour prints onto a wide range of clothing.

For any more information or to receive a quick quote, fill out the following contact form and a member of our sales team will be in contact within 15 minutes of working hours! Remember the discount code whenever purchasing garments from our winter offer – WINTERCOLOURS2017

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