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Garment Printing meets the future with printed fashion technology

At Garment Printing, we’re constantly on the lookout and researching new technologies which could allow us to offer our clients the best, newest and most exciting garments and technology on the market. Recently, we’ve been casting our eyes on the future…any beyond.

The next hot trend for custom clothing may very well be invisible to the human eye. Textile experts are predicting that the next big thing to hit the high streets will be a selection of smart fabrics and e-textiles that will work much like FitBits and Apple Watches currently do – except they’ll be much, much more discreet.

Currently, there’s a market focus on gadgets looking more ‘bling’ or attention grabbing, which goes against the idea of invisible wearables.

“There’s a gap between what me and my fellow designs imagine can happen with this material in the future and what is actually happening with it for the consumer today.”

Admits Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman, the Associate Professor of Industrial and Fashion Design as the Pratt Institute.

“It’s starting to happen, but we’re not there yet.”

The possibilities seem to becoming more and more limitless in terms of what we can expect from our clothing in the near future. Combining technology and clothing is a way of giving consumers wearable and useful gadgets that can be worn invisibly. Fashion technology experts predict that we could see clothing that tracks and records the user’s health and fitness statistics, keep themselves washed using sunlight, provide directions and even adjust your body temperature.

“We’ve had this brutally cold winter – wouldn’t it be amazing if you had a really lightweight coat that could control the environment of your body and separate it from the external. So that you don’t have to go from a heavy coat to a light coat.

“I see that happening.”

In a world where people are becoming more and more reliant on handheld devices, these new technological advancements in fashion could easily change the way that we interact with the environment around us. Instead of us staring down at our mobile phones, we could soon be using our clothing to give us directions.

Products like the GPS-enabled Navigate jacket could give:

“People back the opportunity to connect on a human level.”

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