The most sustainable personalised socks
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We are proud to announce that these up-cycled socks made with textile waste, currently one of our best-selling sock products, have been awarded the prestigious Promotion Gift Award. The socks, packaged into compostable self seal bags, and can be completely personalised with any design or logo with excellent results.

What makes these Up Cycled Socks the most eco sustainable?

These socks are created from premium up-cycled yarn made of textile waste, and in the process of production there’s no use of water or dyes. Zero waste and no toxins!

Moreover, textiles can flow through the Up cycled Textile System for many life cycles, creating long lasting, high-value products in each successive generation. Fashion, accessories and home goods are bought, used, and eventually worn-out, at which point they are returned to the Upcycled Textile System.

We are a pioneer in this packaging as the first to bring it to market in the socks industry. These socks are packaged as standard into individual compostable self-seal bags.

At Garment Printing we have been manufacturing & printing custom socks for over 2 decades, and our quality of product is market leading. Our clients include fashion brands, global corporate brands, construction companies, courier companies, schools and universities and so on…

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance or advise regarding a personalised socks order.

Why is compostable the best?

These socks are wrapped in the most sustainable bags in the market. They are plasticizer-free and GMO-free thermoplastic material based on natural potato starch. Once disposed of, the bag will breakdown in approximately 8 weeks. For purposes of eco sustainability, we recommend the compostable bag. It is slightly milky in colour with a nice sanitised touch. It is the most eco sustainable sock bag available.Get a quick quote now!

Find out some of this socks features:

  • Full custom knitted with your design
  • Composition: 85% Upcycled cotton for comfort, 12% polyamide for strength, 3% elastane for comfort and strength.
  • Packaged as a pair with free recycled branded sock tag and individual self-seal bag.
  • Minimum quantity order from 150 pairs per size and design.
  • Available sizes: one size fits all for men, one size fits all for women. A one size fits most is also available. However, you can request any other sizes.
  • High quality cotton results in a snug soft fit that absorbs sweat, enhances durability and offers superior comfort.
  • Reinforcement in heel and toe provide durability to dramatically improve product life.
  • Standard Production lead times: from 2 to 4 weeks depending on the quantity and time of year.
  • Express Delivery Options Available Upon Request
  • All materials used in the production of socks are responsibly sourced.
  • Care instructions: Machine wash cold on gentle cycle; do not bleach or tumble dry. Do not dry clean or iron.
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