Best Winter Jackets to Brand or Personalise

Gavin Drake

Gavin Drake

Best winter jackets to personalise

Winter is better in a personalised jacket, trust us. Choosing which jacket to personalise, on the other hand, now that can be tricky. We’ve developed a list of the best winter jackets to brand, as well as which jacket from each category is best for personalising.

Which are some of the best winter jacket brands to personalise? 

At Garment Printing, it’s one of our core values to only work with brands that produce quality garments. What qualifies as quality? We consider quality garments to be ones that are made from ethically sourced fabrics, ones that are durable and guaranteed to last long, and ones that look good because style is just as important to us. 

This said, our favourite jacket brands to partner with and personalise are: 

Now that you know which brands we partner with for personalised jackets, here are our favourites in each category: 

Best Winter Jackets For Men

There are many things to consider when deciding which winter jacket for men is the best. We believe that the 2786 – Box Quilt Hooded Jacket has it all. It’s a lightweight, padded, zip-through style jacket with a hood and zipped pockets – you can’t go wrong. 

Best Winter Jackets For Women

Typically, women focus on style over functionality when choosing a garment. With this in mind, our favourite women’s winter jacket that is practical and looks good is the 2786 – Women’s Quartic Quilt Jacket


Best Overall Winter Jacket

Many of the winter jackets that we stock are unisex. And favourite by a long shot is the Gildan – Hammer Unisex Softshell Jacket. Available in eight versatile colourways, this jacket is suitable for every taste and trend. It’s lightweight, weatherproof, breathable, lined with micro-fleece, and loved by everyone. 

Best Winter Jacket For Performance Use

The Contrast Lightweight Jacket by 2786 is made from 100% polyester and lightweight, making it the perfect performance partner for many. This jacket comes in 21 different colours. 

Best Winter Parka For Casual Wear

Our AS Colour Section Zip Jacket is the best winter parka for every day. This parka is made of 100% rip-stop polyester and features adjustable elastic drawcords at the hem and the hood. It is also weatherproof making it reliable for all winter days. Another great option is the Parka Jacket by 2786

Best Winter Jackets For Extreme Cold

The 2786 Honeycomb Hooded Jacket is our best winter jacket for extreme conditions. Padded, hooded, bearing pockets and being zip-through, this is the jacket you want to be wearing when winter sets in. 

Winter Jacket Buying Advice

Being in the garment personalisation business for as long as we have, you get to know a thing or two about what makes a quality garment that’s worth buying. Here’s what we have to say when we get questions about jackets specifically:

 What makes for the best value in a winter jacket? 

The best winter jackets are ones that are waterproof, insulated, have a set of pockets and a hood

What is the warmest winter jacket?

When it comes to fighting the winter chill and staying warm, puffer jackets are typically the way to go. 

How much should a winter jacket cost?

 Depending on the brand, quality and style, you’re looking to pay anything between £150 and £400 for a winter jacket. 

How to know which jacket is best for you when it seems like the options are endless?

Decide what you’re looking for before you go out and shop. It’s easy to get overwhelmed at the idea of choosing a winter jacket, but when you know what you want and are looking for beforehand, you can avoid the anxiety and indecision.


Whichever winter jacket you choose, consider adding a touch of personality to it with our garment customisation services. We offer design as a service at an additional fee. So whether you need help, or you know what you’d like, Garment Printing has the best in personalised jackets for every style and preference.

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