7 Must-Have Items for Halloween this Year



1) Halloween T-shirt

Sometimes painting your whole body to look like Frankenstein’s monster for 2 hours, or spending £50 on a Batman costume which you know won’t survive the night might seem a bit excessive. But you still want to stay original. To those people, this is for you. How about you just customise a t-shirt. BOOM. You can do anything you want. Our personal recommendation would be an embarrassing picture of your friend who is hosting the party. You can make it scary, funny, cool, weird or all of them combined. T-shirt printing is easy, cheap and it still looks looks like you have made a real effort. What I would call a win win!

2) Let’s Personalise

When it comes to the holidays, go big! And why notholidays are here for us to enjoy. The only problem I have when planning a party is we always think about the night, never the morning after. So let’s do that now. A small but fun idea would be the classic printed mugs. Each one designed to be either scary or funny, so when you wake up the morning after, feeling a bit worse for wear, you will have a printed mug to make you smile before you evaluate the mess your house is in (and then cry).

3) Crazy Lenses

10 years ago none of us wanted to be put anything in our eyes, now it’s impossible to not see crazy lenses on Halloween. And I don’t blame them! Crazy lenses come in hundreds of different designs, all of them just weird enough to make your peers just a little bit uncomfortable. They are cheapcool and let’s be honest….Ridiculous.

4) Retro Fangs

Suitable for all ages, this timeless classic will always make me laugh. They cost no more than 50p and are the best way to complete a costume. The only downside is you will struggle to talk, which could make it the perfect gift for that friend who just won’t Stop talking!

5) Fake Spider Webs

This is not be something you wear, or it could be, Halloween does means no rules after all! Fake spider webs are the perfect way to set the tone for this truly terrifying night. One thing 99% of the population can agree on is spiders are scary, when I see a spider the only solution is to get as far away from it as possible (apologies to any spiders reading this). So for anybody looking to host the “Halloween Party of the Century” or even if you just want to scare some children trick or treating , fake spider webs are the way to go.

6) Dog Costumes

We are sorry but we just could not resist. When Halloween comes around, most of the time we would recommend putting your dog in your room. Just so he/she doesn’t get scared. That being said…. you will never smile more then when your furry best friend is rocking a small costume. If you are having a quiet night in I would even go as far as you should have matching outfits. As long as they are having a good time, you will have the best time.

7) Avengers Assemble

Anybody who knows what Hollywood is will know of the Avengers. An Avengers film is the perfect escape for 2 hours. It’s Marvel’s biggest money maker and one of the biggest film franchise of the 21st century, so why not go with the flow. Pick your favourite avenger and buy that costume! If you can persuade your mates to join you why not go as all of them? You will 100% meet other Avengers on your halloween travels, but on a night like Halloween nobody will mind a fashion clash.

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