5 Best Caps to Personalise

Gavin Drake

Gavin Drake


The headwear category has expanded beyond belief over the last decade. From the snapback to the baseball cap to the bucket hat and beanies in between, the best caps suit just about every wardrobe. 

For many, the “hat” is a go-to accessory, and depending on who you are, caps are the staple of your style. 

Why Should You Personalise Your Caps?

What we wear is a direct reflection of who we are, so when you wear a personalised clothing item or accessory, you’re making a statement about yourself. Personalised clothing is cool because what you can do with the items is fairly limitless. Items like personalised caps make for excellent corporate and personal gifts as they show time and effort was put into the gift. 

There are so many styles available that it could be hard to decide what suits you best. Here’s our guide to the top 5 caps to personalise and what to look out for before making a purchase decision.

1. Baseball Caps & Trucker Caps

The most popular cap style around, the baseball cap gained its recognition in the 1970s when it became available to the public in its one-size-fits-all form with the adjustable strap in the back. Prior to this, it was only worn by major and minor league baseball players on game day. Trucker caps are essentially the same as baseball caps, except four of their six panels are made of mesh. Modern trucker and baseball caps tend to have adjustable snapback style straps, although velcro and buckles aren’t uncommon. 

Popular for activities like hiking, running and other outdoorsy things such as gardening, baseball caps are universally worn by pretty much everyone. Personalised baseball and trucker caps make for good corporate gifts as they’re worn by both men and women at one point or another. 

Our favourite baseball caps and trucker caps for personalising include:

2. Flat Caps

A flat cap is a rounded cap with a small stiff brim in the front. As known as scally caps, Canterbury caps or Ascot caps, flat caps originate from Great Britain and cater to a more specific taste, rather than the greater population as a whole. Generally worn by men, they’re designed to keep your head cool in summer, warm in winter and match all kinds of seasonal clothing. Although flat caps are not as common as baseball caps, they are popular among more stylish men and have often been categorised as “dad caps”. That said, personalised flat caps make for good father’s day or personalised birthday gifts for the dads in your life. 

Our favourite flat caps to personalise include: 

3. Snapback Caps

Similar to baseball caps and truckers, the snapback cap is common among men across age groups. The main thing that makes the snapback different is its brim. The brim of a snapback cap is wider and flatter than the brim of a baseball cap. The brim is also flat and of course, there’s an adjustable snap strap in the back. Personalising your favourite snapback will give it an edge and could set you apart as a trend-setter of sorts.

Our favourite snapbacks for personalising include:

4. Bucket Hats

Wildly popular among both the Millennial and Gen Z age groups, bucket hats are perfect for a day out and about in the summer sun. Worn as more of an accessory to complete any outfit or “look”, showing up at your next beach day with friends in a personalised bucket hat is bound to turn heads. Why not personalise a few, maybe one to match your favourite swimsuit and another to complete your favourite OOTD.Our favourite bucket hats for personalising include: 

5. Beanies

Typically knitted and woollen, beanies are close-fitting caps worn in cold weather or throughout the winter. They’re designed to keep your head warm, although there are styles, such as the long stocking cap, that is more about trend or aesthetics than practicality. Beanies are popular with men, women and children of all ages. And personalised beanies make for a great Christmas stocking filler or end of year corporate gift. 


Whether you’re in the market for a personalised beanie, flat cap or snapback, we do it all. Hats for everyday fashion and special occasions are made all the more special when they’re personalised. Visit our personalised caps online shop and find your perfect fit. Get in touch to get your quick quote and start personalising your next favourite cap today. 

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