Top 6 Personalised Anniversary Gift Ideas

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When your wedding anniversary comes around, no matter which year you’re celebrating – personalised gifts always make a great choice. Why you might ask? Because personalised gifts are fun, thoughtful and show you that put some effort into the idea. 

When a gift makes someone feel special, it’s the best kind of gift. 

There are lots of fun ideas for anniversary gifts, all ranging in prices and seriousity. You might be an uber-romantic wanting something to swept that special someone off their feet… Or you might just want something a little fun and quirky to make them laugh and smile. Whatever the kind of gift-giver you are, there’s definitely a personalised gift that would be ideal for your other half. 

Here are some ideas we love: 

Idea 1: A personalised t-shirt 

This one is a little cheesy, but we love the idea for those couples who already have ‘everything’ else. A big cheesy t-shirt with your face on is bound to make them laugh and smile, and has the added bonus of being useful and wearable too! It’ll definitely surprise them (that’s for sure) and we know it’ll brighten their day if they have a sense of humour! We have a range of personalisable t-shirt at Garment Printing in loads of styles and shapes and sizes. 

Idea 2: A ‘lyrical’ cushion 

If you shared a first dance together on your wedding day to a special song, getting the lyrics to that song printed onto a cushion cover is a really beautiful addition to any home decor. Every time they snuggle up to it they can remember those beautiful memories of a wonderful day. 

Idea 3: A bespoke illustration 

A personalised illustration is a stunning gift for your other half, and something you can easily order via Etsy. There are lots of wonderful graphic designers and illustrators who can create a beautiful illustration and personalised print of you and your partner (and children / pets if you have them!). It’s a gorgeous thing to frame and surprise someone with.

Idea 4: Personalised baby clothes 

If you’re expecting a baby sometime soon, and your anniversary happens to fall before the due date, and great gift idea is actually personalised baby clothes. We sell a range of different baby clothes here at Garment Printing, and they’re always a huge hit with parents-to-be. You could get the babygrow personalised with a cute quote such as ‘Daddy is my favourite’ or ‘I take after my Mummy’ – or just get creative in your own way! However you choose to decorate / personalise it – it’ll definitely be well received. 

Idea 5: Personalised sportswear 

Some of us have a partner who would rather skip the gift giving and just receive something practical or functional instead. Luckily, even for those people – personalised gifts can still be really useful and exciting. If your other half is really into sports or the gym, our personalised sportswear is a great choice for them. It’s useful and stylish and they’ll actually be able to take it out and enjoy it. We have a wide range of personalised sportswear here at Garment printing, all of which can be personalised with your own design. 

Idea 6: Wine glasses or champagne glasses 

To toast in all the other anniversaries – a pair of personalised wine or champagne glasses is a really thoughtful anniversary gift. They’re also something you’ll likely keep forever too – so they’re something you can cherish for many years to come! 

Personalised jewellery 

We saved the most obvious choice for last, but of course personalised jewellery will be a huge success! Jewellery is a great gift for anyone (men and women) and there are so many options for personalised jewellery out there, from rings, necklaces, cufflinks, watches, earrings, chokers, hair clips, etc. You could get the jewellery personalised with your wedding date on it, or you could get them personalised with a romantic or a thoughtful message. There are lots of options to take! 

No matter what avenue you decide to go down, personalisable gifts are the way forward with gift giving, especially for anniversaries and special occasions. Everyone wants to feel special, and personalised gifts make someone feels truly loved and treasured. 

The best gifts are always gifts that comes from the heart – so as long as you’ve thoughtfully selected your gift, you should be fin and they should love it! 

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