Tips for Creating a new Sports Team Kit

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If your sports team needs a makeover and a new, fresh kit – then it’s time to start designing something special. Sports kits are the perfect way to make your team stand out from the crowd, and they can even spur the team on to play better too, because they feel more confident!

A good sports kit doesn’t have to cost lots though, and there are many affordable places you can get personalised and custom sports kit designed and printed for a reasonable price. Here at Garment Printing, we have loads of sports kit options for all kinds of sports teams… Whether you play football in a Sunday league, or whether you need personalised swimming hats for a swim team.

Some of the sports clothing we can offer include:

  • Jersey team tops with team logo printed on the front
  • Jersey team tops with team logo printed on the back
  • Breathable football shirts with personalised logos
  • Cycling tops for cycling teams with personalised logos
  • Gym tops and tank tops with personalisable options
  • Lightweight team jackets in a variety of colours and personalisable options
  • Personalisable team socks

When you come to designing your team’s new kits, you’ll want to make sure you’ve thought of everything, especially so that you can feel confident and feel great in your new kit too!

Here are some tips for creating a new sports kit:

Tip 1: Make sure the printing company has your team colours

When you choose a company to print your personalised team shirts, the first thing you want to check is the variety of colours they offer! When you play a team sport, one of the most important aspects of the kit is the colour! Your team colours are super important, so you want to ensure your new kit will be colour matched perfectly. Luckily – here at Garment Printing we have amazing printing technology that allows you to pantone match your colours and team logos – so it’s always a perfect match. 

Tip 2: Make sure a variety of sizes are available 

Not everyone on your sports team will be the same size and shape – and not everyone will want the same fit either. The key to a really successful kit, is making sure everyone on the team feels comfortable and confident wearing it – so making sure you can order a variety of different sizes is really important. Some people may want to wear theirs a little more baggy, or tight fitting, for example. Checking there are are lots of different sizes available in your selected kit will save any awkward moments later on. Here at Garment Fitting we have lots of sizing choices, and we have different styles to fit different body types too. 

Tip 3: Don’t forget all the extras and accessories 

A new sports kit isn’t just about a new printed shirt or jersey. It’s about the whole look! A kit is the whole finished look – so make sure you remember to order all the other bits and bobs to finish the look. Think about matching shorts, or matching joggers, matching socks, hats, gloves (depending on which sport your team plays). You can have a lot of fun with all the added extras, and it’s these little extras that really make the kit look amazing. 

Tip 4: Don’t forget a branded bag / holdall 

Once you have your amazing new sports kit, you’ll want to make sure everyone looks after it! A team holdall, or sports bag can really be the perfect finishing touch to make sure everyone takes care of their new kits. You can choose a sports holdall in your team colours, and even get your team logo printed on it too – so you’ll look great when you arrive at games/matches. 

Tip 5: Ask your team what they’d like to wear 

When you’re designing a new sports kit for a team of people, it can be tempting to design whatever you think works best. But it’s actually a great idea to check in with your team and see if there’s any design details they like, or if they have any input for the new kit. They will be the ones wearing it – so it’s good to ask if they have any preferences or ideas! 

When you’re ready to order your new sports kit, take a look on Garment Printing and get browsing all the amazing sports kits we have in our catalogue. Our team of printing experts will be able to assist you with any queries along the way! 

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