T-Shirt Printing for Universities, Societies and Students

Why choose Garment Printing?

  • We'll create an online web store for you to sell your designs
  • We handle the eCommerce payments and customer services
  • No need to order bulk amounts of stock as we will print on demand
  • We remove the possibility of you being left with dead stock
  • Never have to have an 'Out of Stock' message
  • A great way to get started with your own brand
  • Increase awareness of your society
  • Generate extra income for your university

We'll create an online web store for you to sell your designs:

At Garment Printing, we don't believe that selling your own clothing designs should be expensive or difficult. For this reason, when you sign up for an On Demand store with us we'll create a web store for you to showcase and sell your designs. This web store is hosted on our servers and connected directly to our Order Management System. This means that every time you receive an order, it's automatically downloaded onto our system and we can then print the order and dispatch it directly to your customer.

You don't need to worry about payments and customer services:

We handle all eCommerce side of transactions. We ensure that payments are made and that they are 100% secure. At the end of every month, we will send all of your profits directly into an account of your choice. We also handle all customer services in-house. In the unlikely event of a misprint, for example, we would communicate directly with your customer and ensure that any problems are resolved professionally on your behalf.

No need to order bulk amounts of stock as we print on demand:

By creating a web store for you, it removes the need for you to buy bulk amounts of your clothing designs. This helps to keep the costs down as you don't need to buy the  stock, store it somewhere and then have to ship the order out to your customers every time an order is placed.

T-Shirt Printing for Universities

Our On Demand service is exactly that - on demand. When you receive an order, it goes to our print location and the garment is printed and dispatched directly to your customer.

We remove the possibility of you being left with dead stock:

By printing on demand, it also ensures that you'll never be left with 'dead' stock or garments that you can't sell. Our on demand service allows you to try out any new designs to see if they're popular. It also means that you can keep you line up fresh by monitoring the sales of all your garments so you know if an item needs to be replaced.

Never have an 'Out Of Stock' message:

Another huge benefit of printing on demand is that you never have to display an 'out of stock' message to your customer. As we print on demand, all of your designs will be ready for printing onto any size garment. This ensures that you can always make sales and you're never having to turn away customers when a certain design makes sales.

A great way to get started with your own brand:

If you're a fashion student, or if you're looking to start your own clothing range, our On Demand service is the perfect way to get your brand started and begin making a name for yourself. Thanks to our simple and cost-effective service, you'll be able to begin turning your designs into garments and making sales through your very own store.

T-Shirt Printing for Students

We have a secure payment system and we will give you your own URL which you can link to any existing blogs or websites that you may have. This means that you won't need to worry about promoting a new site so, if you're starting out on a new venture, we can help you with any marketing and promoting your site to encourage more sales.

Increase awareness of your society:

Printed T-Shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts are also a fantastic way to promote your society and show that you're a proud member. Universities have been selling printed merchandise for a long time and printed merchandise is an excellent way to generate extra revenue which you can put towards activities for your chosen society.

Generate extra income for your university:

Selling printing merchandise has become popular with all universities up and down the country. It's a brilliant way to raise extra funds which go towards the cost of running a university. With our On Demand service, you don't have to restrict yourself to selling your merchandise in a physical store as you also have an online presence where people can purchase your merch.

T-Shirt Printing for University Societies

This gives you more channels to make sales and generate extra revenue which goes towards your university. It also means that when you run out of stock in the store, you can direct customers to your online store where they can purchase the design they want and you'll never have to turn customers away until a replenishment order has been fulfilled.

It's also a brilliant way to try out new designs before they go into your store so you can see how popular they are before placing a bulk order and stocking your shelves.