We offer Screen Printing, Embroidery, Transfer Printing, Direct To Garment Printing and Cad Cut Vinyl Printing plus post production services including Labeling & Relabelling Printed Tshirts, bagging and all your fulfilment needs.

About Our Relabeling Service.

Re-labeling adds value to your product by allowing you to create the full branded package for your label. It also allows you to add important details like your website address or your own specific product text on the neck tag of your garments.

Our re-labeling service is in-house which ensures a high level of quality control and quick turn around on all orders. You should allow 3-10 working days for re-labeling depending on the order size and time of year. Once your order is placed we will give you an estimate on when labeling will be completed. All re-labeling must be completed before orders are shipped and we will not re-label items once they have been printed.

The simplest form of re-labeling is removing the neck tag of an in-stock product and replacing it with a custom label either under the neck tape or sewn on top of the tape. We can use the existing care labels in our t-shirts for sizing, country of origin and care instructions. The ideal label size to cover our t-shirt care label is 20mm wide by 40mm long, and 25mm wide by 50mm long to cover our sweatshirt care label.

Note that all neck labels must be supplied cut not in a roll and all pip labels must be supplied with both loopfolds and end folds otherwise we may not be able to accept them.

Re-labeling prices

1000 Satin Printed labels from just £150 + vat

5000 Satin labels from just £300 + vat

1000 Woven Labels from just £225 + vat

5000 Woven labels from just £395 + vat

Relabeling service from 35p per garment*

When printing your t-shirts, why not go that extra inch to really drive home the power of your brand. That’s all you have to do, just a small increase in budget and you can have your own labels designs and printed, and the sewn into your tshirts.


Re-labeling Service – Labeling & Relabelling Printed Tshirts

PLEASE NOTE, turnaround times are a minimum 7 days for satin labels and 15 days for woven, so this will impact on your overall delivery deadlines.

We can insert your own labels into your garments, removing the original label.

The minimum order is 100 labels if you supply the labels or 1000 labels if we have the labels manufactured for you.

We can supply woven or printed labels. If you require the label designing, contact our artroom who will be provide a quote