Labels & Relabelling Services

We offer Screen Printing, Embroidery, Transfer Printing, Direct To Garment Printing and Cad Cut Vinyl Printing plus post production services including Labelling & Relabelling Printed T-Shirts, bagging, tagging and all your fulfilment needs.


Why relabel?

Custom clothing labels are an excellent way to add to your branding and also create a professional look and finish to your products. We have a number of different custom clothing label options that allows you to add full customisation to all of your personalised clothing.

    • Adds additional value to your product
    • Creates a full-brand package for your garments
    • Can become valuable advertising space
    • Watch the video below to see how it's done 



About Our Relabelling Service  

The simplest form of re-labelling is removing the neck tag of an in-stock product and replacing it with a custom label either under the neck tape or sewn on top of the tape. We can use the existing care labels in our t-shirts for sizing, country of origin and care instructions.
The ideal label size to cover our t-shirt care label is 20mm wide by 40mm long, and 25mm wide by 50mm long to cover our sweatshirt care label.

Re-labelling prices (subject to your needs)

  • 1000 Satin Printed labels from just £150 + VAT
  • 5000 Satin labels from just £300 + VAT
  • 1000 Woven Labels from just £225 + VAT
  • 5000 Woven labels from just £395 + VAT
  • 1000 Woven Damask labels from just £275+ VAT
  • 5000 Woven Damask labels from just £495 + VAT

Relabelling service from 35p per garment

*PLEASE NOTE, if we are producing your labels, turnaround times are approximately 7 days for satin labels and 10-14 days for woven, so this will impact on your overall delivery deadlines.  


Different re-labelling options:

Satin Printed
One of the more popular options for getting your T-Shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts fully re-branded is to use Satin Printed labels. These are a white, polyester based label which is then printed on with a maximum of 4 colours.

This is a good option for small text which might not be visible if the label is woven. It leaves a soft finish which reduces irritation on the back of the neck and is extremely common in many high-street brands.

 Woven Satin LabelsWoven Satin
Woven Satin labels give your garments a more professional and sophisticated look from the inside out. Woven Satin labels can use up to 4 different colours although we only recommend using 2 as the more colours are added the more the label begins to feel big and bulky.

Woven Damask

Woven Damask is similar to Woven Satin but uses an ultra soft material to provide a luxurious feel while offering a higher definition finish. Woven Damask is an excellent option if you're considering using small text within your label design.

Woven Damask can use up to 4 different colours but we recommend using 2 as and more than this can cause the label to feel bulky.



















Label Folds

One clever way to make your label stand out from the rest is to use a unique label fold. We have another of different folding options as you can see below.

Recommended Sizes for Neck Labels:


· 40 x 20mm
· 50 x 20mm
· 50 x 40mm


· 95 x 20mm
· 100 x 25mm
· 65 x 40mm


· 35 x 60mm
· 40 x 90mm
· 70 x 60mm

Custom Label - You can decide on the best size according to your design

*For Satin Print and Woven labels, we recommend a minimum of 7mm on the edge that is to be stitched onto the garment.  


If you're looking for smaller quantities we have other options to produce high-quality, fully customised clothing: 

DTG Printed Labels
Using our Direct To Garment machines, we can easily print your neck-label with no minimum quantity. DTG is a fantastic option for white garments and for logos without very small text.

Transfer Printed Labels
Our team of experts can cut out your labels to any size and then print them with any colour background. Transfer printing is a good option for smaller quantities and for labels with very intricate designs.

Screen Printed Labels
If you have a Pantone which you need to match and you're looking at ordering a large quantity of garments then Screen Printing might just be the option for you.

It has a similar feel to DTG printing and can provide an excellent definition. Screen Printing is highly recommended for sports products.


Legal Requirements of labelling

By law, all labels must include wash care instructions and the Made-In information. Please bear this in mind when you're designing your label artwork.


If you have any doubts about re-labeling or anything else, contact us!

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