On Demand Pricing, Delivery and Turnaround.

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On Demand Pricing

A full price list is available below, but subject to your specific bespoke printing needs, we can tailor prices to suit you. We will help you understand what prices to charge your customers, and help you calculate your profits.

There are many factors which affect the cost of each unit including the garment, the garment colour, print technique, print position and additional extras (including bagging, labels etc).

Please see the price range table below.

Secure Payment Service

Payments are processed via our Secure Payments System by Worldpay. All payments and data are fully secure and protected.

You will receive reports of sales and profits, which will be sent via a secure Bank Transfer.

We take away all the problems and hassles of setting up your store for fully automated eCommerce payments.

Complaints and Refunds

We offer a Full Customer Service Support Option - we deal with delivery enquiries, and ALL customer issues related to their orders - from £25 per month (subject to your sales levels)

We are unable to accept any returns unless there is a fault with the garments or we make an error with the printing or embroidery (i.e the garments were not printed as per the visual proofs approved by you or a 3rd party). If you think you have received faulty goods, please Contact Us within 24 hours of receipt of the garments, giving us full details of the damaged or incorrect goods - including a photograph where possible.


UK Royal Mail standard delivery costs are offered for our basic service - but we accept no responsibility for items that do not get delivered.

UK Tracked Courier Services from £4.95 per item

If you select untracked Royal Mail delivery services, we do NOT accept responsibility for any issues regarding untracked delivery, we can and will provide a proof of dispatch upon request should a delivery issue arise.


As each order is received through your online store or via our existing shop, it will be printed and delivered within 7-10 days.