Personalised Tote Bags Printing

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Personalised Tote Bags Printing:

When used correctly, personalised tote bags are an incredibly clever way of promoting your business. By using tote bags that have been personalised with your company name and logo, you're instantly increasing the likelihood of your brand being recognised. If they're used as a promotional giveaway item, your customers will turn into your advertisers and display your logo and your company name to their friends, family, coworkers and members of the public each and every time they take the bag outside with them.

An overwhelming 89% of people who received personalised tote bags remember the name of the advertiser and these statistics can be incredibly important when you're looking to increase brand recognition and also increase your customer base.


Why get personalised Tote bags?

  • Fantastic way to promote your business
  • Perfect for marketing and awareness campaign
  • Easy to carry wherever you go
  • Useful for shopping and good for the environment
  • Can be used as fashionable accessories
  • Perfect as goodie bags and giveaways at events


Fantastic way to promote your business

The front of the tote bag makes valuable advertising space which makes them perfect for use in marketing and awareness campaigns. By personalising the front of the tote bag with your logo, cause or campaign you are going to get instant recognition and attention. This brings awareness to your campaign and increases the popularity instantly.

"An overwhelming 89% of those surveyed remembered the advertiser when the campaign used promotional bags - on average, 84% of participants remembered the advertiser across all types of promotional products." Global Advertising Specialities Impressions Study, 2014 edition. Read our breakdown of this report here.


Perfect for marketing and awareness campaigns

Our range of tote bags are low-cost, high-quality and perfect for increasing both your customer and your fanbase. We can use the latest personalisation techniques to ensure that your design, logo or cause is perfectly displayed on the front of the tote bag in a brilliant, visible and stand out way. Our personalise techniques are also designed to accurately print your design or logo. We can use the latest colour matching techniques to ensure that all parts of your branding is respecting throughout the process.

Easy to carry wherever you go

The beauty about Tote bags is their simplicity and portability. They're the perfect day to day bag thanks to their simple design which makes it incredibly easy to carry about with you wherever you go. This makes them the ideal gift in giveaway prizes or staff incentives as they are a low-cost solution which is always appreciated by the receiver.

Useful for shopping and good for the environment

With the new 5p charge on carrier bags, Tote bags could be the perfect incentive for customers and staff. They're incredibly useful for shopping thanks to their hard-wearing nature which ensures that they're comfortable to carry around with you and they are perfectly sized to carry around a lot of shopping.

We have various different materials – 100% natural cotton, 100% natural cotton canvas and non-woven recycled polyester. Many of our bags are ecologically and environmentally friendly. 

We all know carrier bags are bad for the environment - but not Totes! The are made from natural materials which mean that they can be used time and time again and when you're finished with them - they're fully recyclable! Making them not only good for the user but also good for the environment. 

Can be used as fashion accessories

The printable nature of Totes means that you can create any custom design to put on the front of the bag. This means if you're planning on creating an On Demand store you could include Totes in your line-up and create the perfect fashion accessory. Picking the right design - be it promoting your brand / logo or creating something totally unique to sell - can create a fashionable accessory which users will love.

Custom printed Tote Bag

Perfect as goodie bags and giveaway events

Tote bags are a low-cost way of increasing your customer and fan base. By using them as giveaways, you can make sure that you stick soundly within your budget and ensures that you're giving away a useful, stylish accessory which people are certain to keep and re-use again and again. By picking the right bag and design on the front, it could also be used as a fashion accessory and used for trips outside of going to the shops - which helps to promote your brand and gives you free advertising space whilst the user is happy with their free Tote.


If you're unsure about which tote bag or personalisation technique meets your requirements, or if you need help and guidance with your artwork, contact our customer service support staff who are on hand to provide you with advice and recommendations to suit your needs and help you get the perfect personalised tote bags.