Personalised Flip Flops

Personalised Flip Flops:

Our excellent personalised Flip Flops service means that we're able to create truly custom footwear using your own artwork by printing your designs onto our coloured Flip Flops. All of our Flip Flops are customised from our UK factory as well to guarantee fast delivery fro our print house directly to your door.

Our unique printing service means that we're able to print on both the insole (top of the Flip Flop) and the strap. We can also use the same artwork to print your design across multiple pairs of Flip Flops. Our excellent dye sublimation service means that we can also print each Flip Flop with a different design - allowing you to create truly custom footwear, which is ideal if you're looking to sell them online or if you're planning on giving them to guests at a stag or hen do.

Stock Colours:

Personalised Flip Flops come in a huge range of stock colours which are fully customisable. Whether you're looking to print a full design onto them or if you're just looking to get them branded. When you're placing an order from us, you can have a mix of any colours and sizes that you want.

All of the soles are made from high-quality rubber. They have a standard texture on the top (insole) and a tread pattern on the bottom (outsole). We can print your artwork on the top of the sole and we can imprint your logo onto the outsole so you leave prints behind you in the sand.

Our stock colours are blue, red, yellow, orange, green, pink, black and purple

Made For You:

Our personalised Flip Flop service is ideal for orders between 10-500 pairs but we are able to print as many as you need. All of our Flip Flops are made from high-quality rubber and can be printed onto quickly and offer fantastic print quality. Our personalised Flip Flops are exceptionally high quality. They're made to the highest quality and offer maximum comfort to the wearer while also being hardwearing and long-lasting. For those who are working on a tight budget, we also offer value Flip Flops to ensure that everything you need can be done within your budget.

We offer:

  • Super high-quality, 100% natural soles which offer only the best quality
  • Havaianas Flip Flop insole texture (small raised ovals on the top of the soles)
  • Havaianas Flip Flop outsole texture (tread pattern on the bottom of the sole)
  • Straps are made from a soft, flexible PVC which offers maximum comfort for the wearer. We also offer rubber straps as well for those on a budget.


Our excellent printing service also means that we're able to print on both the insole (top of the Flip-Flop) and the strap. We can print the same artwork on multiple pairs of Flip Flops. We also have an excellent Dye Sublimation service which means that we can print each Flip Flop with a different design - perfect if you're looking to sell them online or if you're planning on going to a stag or hen do.

Print Sizes:

We have different sizes available such as a small insole print (50mm x 50mm) and bigger sizes such as covering the entire insole. We can also personalise the strap with your logo and artwork as well to give the Flip Flops a fully customised look and feel.

Our Flip Flops are available in the following sizes:

Strap options:

Straps can come in several colours so you can choose which colour you would like. To make the straps look more eye-catching, there are multiple options to include your artwork/logo on the strap.

We can offer plain straps which have no artwork on them. With these straps, you can choose the colour and decide if you want plain, smooth straps (in both black and white) or textured straps (available in all of the stock colours).

We can also provide printed smooth straps which are available in both black and white and we can print your artwork/logo/text on them in one colour.

Lead Times:

Our Flip Flop printing service is perfect for those who are in need of high-quality Flip Flops which are printed with your own artwork quickly.

Flip Flops usually take 2-5 weeks to make depending on the options which you choose. The Flip Flops are printed and assembled to order to create truly custom Flip Flops so there are setup times. We have different delivery options for our Flip Flop printing service:

  • Standard Shipping: 10-15 days for the production and shipping
  • Express Shipping: 3-7 days for the production and shipping

If you want to add personalised Flip Flops to your line up, contact our friendly and helpful staff and they can discuss the different options that we have available and guide you through the best printing techniques to create your personalised Flip Flops