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What is On Demand?

When creating an online brand, traditionally you would order large numbers of all of your designs and stock them in a storage location such as a warehouse. When your supplies then run low you'd place a replenishment order to top up the stock which has been sold.

For many start-up brands this system isn't cost effective and can be a huge drain on your resources, not to mention being left with all stock that doesn't sell. Our unique On Demand service is an easy to use and economical option for creating and publishing your own designs to sell on your very own online store. The T Shirt printing On Demand service is designed to alleviate stock holding issues which you may encounter and removes the strain on your budget - allowing you to focus on designing and marketing.

  2. Dedicated account manager takes the stress out of managing your brand
  3. We manage the printing and delivery
  4. High quality garments from the world's leading brands
  5. DTG printing offers high quality and quick turnaround times


Our On Demand service is designed to take the risk out of owning your own clothing brand. Our unique solution means that we'll print your designs onto clothing AS AN ORDER IS RECEIVED. This means that you'll never need to hold onto stock which removes the cost of storing your garments in a warehouse and also removes the risk of any items not selling and you being left with any dead stock.

By printing your garments on demand, it means that there's no risk for you - if you don't sell your items you don't have to pay anything. When an item is sold we then print it and dispatch it to your customers and you'll receive the profit from every order. As we only print the clothing once an order is placed, there's no initial investment from you to get you started. Once an order is received our Order Management System will automatically pass it on to our nearest printing location where your design will be printed onto your chosen garment and we'll dispatch it directly to your customer.

Dedicated account manager:

When you create an On Demand store with us we supply you with a dedicated account manager who will help to guide you through each step of the set up process. We'll discuss all of the different clothing options and also be able to help you with your design ideas. The account manager is there to take all of the stress out of managing your orders and ensures that all of the print work is done and the clothing is dispatched to your customers so you won't received any complaints.

We manage printing and delivery:

As your orders are received through our automated order system - every order is handled by us. You'll be notified of each sale that you receive so you can constantly keep track of your sales and find out which of your designs are the most popular. Once the order comes in our automated system arranges the artwork and garment numbers and passes these, along with all of your customers details, onto the nearest print and embroidery location to your customer.

The order is then printed, folded and bagged with unique packaging which is personal to your brand. From here we'll then dispatch your order to your customer using a quick Royal Mail delivery service - ensuring that your customers are never left waiting for their order.

High quality garments:

We have an ever expanding On Demand catalogue which offers carefully selected garments which are specially chosen from our most popular items. Each garment is designed so that it represents excellent value for your money.

Our catalogue items are always in stock and have a wide range of different colour option - and they're all ready for printing on! This means that as your sales grow you can expand the range of clothes which you offer.

All of our garments are perfect for printing on and allows us to use Direct To Garment Printing to achieve a perfect, flawless print every time.

Direct To Garment Printing:

 We use Direct To Garment printing which offers exceptional print quality and allows us to print all of your orders in super-fast times. Direct To Garment (or DTG) allows us to replicate your designs perfectly and it prints the ink directly into the garment which offers an excellent, soft finish which your customers will love.

 Case Studies:

We've worked with a number of different brands and helped them get started in the world of selling their clothes online. Check out the Case Studies below to see the successful brands we've worked with and find out how we could help you.

So what are you waiting for?

Our On Demand team are available to answer any questions that you may have. 

To get in contact with us simply click the quote button below to leave your details and a member of our dedicated On Demand support team will get in contact with you to talk you through the available options and tailor a service that is ideal for all of your needs.