Learn more about our On Demand Service.

Why choose On Demand?

When creating an online brand, traditionally, the brand would order large numbers of each design and stock them in a warehouse. When supplies run low, a replenishment order would be placed to top up the stock.

For many entrepreneurial start-ups and virtual store owners, this isn't a cost-effective system and it's not the best way to manage your finances or budgets.

Garment Printing's On Demand service is economical and an easy to use option for publishing your designs to sell on your online store, or on our Garment Printing online store. The On Demand system alleviates the stock holding issue and allows you to focus your attention on designing and marketing.

More about our garments:

We have carefully selected our top seven selling garments that are perfect printing Direct To Garment . These garments are popular for their comfort, affordability, and their excellent printing results. They come in a range of different colours that allows you to expand your range and meet the growing demands of your clients.




We even have an eco-friendly selection of clothing that allows you to get your brand out there while looking after the environment. These options are great if you want your brand to be Fair Trade and environmentally friendly.

Printing, Postage, and Packing:

Our experts have identified direct to garment printing as being the ideal printing technique to replicate full-colour images onto garments. By using this technique, we're able to fully replicate your designs exactly how you want them to appear.

Once we've printed your designs we'll then dispatch the custom printed product directly to your customer using Royal Mail and what's more, it's included in the Garment Printing Price! This allows you to manage your costing easier and more efficiently. With Royal Mail delivery, your customer will receive their order quickly and hassle-free.

To really drive your brand home, we also fold, bag and package the item with your own personalised packaging that gives your brand a high-end appearance which your customers will love. Take a look at the video above to see our full printing, bagging and packaging process.


Once you receive an order our automated Order Management System receives the order and assigns the product number to the order. It then sends the order, complete with your customer's details, directly to the nearest print and embroidery location. Once it arrives, the order is then printed and dispatched directly to your customer.

We aim to get all orders printed, dispatched and delivered directly to your customer within 5 working days. 

1. Customer places order:

When a customer places an order with you, it's directly sent over to us. We're then able to arrange for our stock to be dispatched to the nearest print location to ensure the quickest print and dispatch time.

2. Stock ordered and sent to print:

When the stock arrives at the print location, the machinery is then set up with your artwork and the printing is done using the latest DTG machines.

3. Product gets dispatched:

Once the printing is completed it's then folded and bagged before being dispatched out to your customer. We use Royal Mail for our postage to ensure a quick turnaround.

4. Order in transit:

Once Royal Mail has collected the order, it's then in the process of being dispatched to you. We use a quick delivery method so that when orders dispatched they usually arrive in 1-2 working days.

5. Customer receives product:

Your customer will receive their product within 5 days from when the order is placed. All printing and dispatch processes are handled by our on demand team so all you have to do is sit back and watch your orders come in.