Marathon and Triathlon Clothing Printing

Why choose Garment Printing?

  • Printed clothing helps to raise brand and charity awareness
  • We have a wide range of printable running clothes
  • Dedicated support team on hand to help you with your order
  • We provide you with a free visual mock-up so you can confirm your design
  • We have express printing and delivery services available if required

Helps raise brand and charity awareness:

Marathons and Triathlons are an becoming increasing popular over recent times. Not just for fitness and having something to aspire to and achieve, but it's a brilliant way of raising money for a worthy cause. Many people get printed running clothes, such as a custom printed T Shirt, which displays the name of their chosen charity and helps in raising awareness of the the charity.

People also print custom T Shirts to represent who they're running for - whether it's:

  • A company
  • Brand
  • Support Group
  • In memory of a friend or loved one
  • Charity

Wide range of printable running clothes:

At Garment Printing, we understand how important getting custom printed and embroidered running clothes can be and for this reason we've extended our catalogue to include a wide range of printed activewear - all of which is perfect and ready for printing on. Our activewear range is carefully selected to ensure that it contains only the finest clothing to ensure maximum comfort which helps to keep you cool and reduce sweating while you're running.

Each garment is also chosen as they allow your chosen print to be displayed gloriously and they remain lightweight and comfortable to wear at all times.

Men's printed running clothes Women's Printed Running Clothes

If you're thinking of running in an upcoming marathon, triathlon or if you're planning a run, cycle or walk to raise money for charity - make sure you check out our excellent range of printable running clothes and let us know your requirements.

Dedicated sales team are here to help:

We have a dedicated sales team who understand how important printing can be when you're looking to represent a charity or showcase your brand while you're running. They can provide free artwork mock-ups for your approval to ensure that you're completely happy with the design before your order is sent to one of our UK based print or embroidery houses.

Free visual mock-up to confirm your design:

The visual mock-up which is agreed upon is also sent to our print houses so they can replicate the design exactly how you wanted it. Once the printing is complete, your order is then folded and bagged to ensure that it's in perfect condition when you receive it. It's then dispatched out to you using Royal Mail delivery.

Express printing and delivery services available:

We can also provide you with express printing services to ensure that all of your clothing is printed and dispatched out to you within plenty of time before you run.

So you if you're planning on entering a marathon or triathlon in the near future - make sure you get a quote from us now!