On Demand: How It Works

How It Works:

  1. Your customer buys the product from your website, our Garment Printing store or at your online store.
  2. We automatically receive the order at our On Demand Hub where a member of our team instantly beings processing.
  3. Your garments are printed, bagged and dispatched from one of our UK based print houses.
  4. Your customer receives their printed garment bagged and branded with your brand mark, appearing as though it has come directly from you.

Free Mock Ups:

A member of our On Demand team will create a digital mock up of your designs for use on your Garment Printing store. This mock up will be confirmed by you and used as a thumbnail online and also the documentation for print. This ensures your designs are always printed exactly the same way every time.



Product Goes live:

Once we have been through the formalities with you and your account or shop are set up, your On Demand system is live and we are all ready to being receiving and processing your order. 

Once we receive a design from you we'll then be able to upload it directly onto your webshop so your customers will be able to view all of your designs and place orders instantly.