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If you're hosting or attending an event then it's important to ensure that all of your branded items and promotional material is perfect. At Garment Printing, we offer the best printing techniques and the best accessories and clothing to ensure that you can advertise your company correctly - no matter what event you're attending. 

Why order from Garment Printing?

  • Trusted by Global Brands
  • Offers the latest and the best printing techniques in the industry
  • Dedicated, expert staff who work alongside your team
  • Free consultation and advice on any printing designs
  • No minimum or maximum order quantities

Trusted by Global Brands:

At Garment Printing, we've provided printed materials such as clothing and accessories for some of the biggest brands and companies in the world. We're very proud to be asked by our clients to "come in and help" with any ideas and brainstorming sessions for campaigns and advertising that involve printed promotional clothing, apparel decoration, and printed accessories.


Our work with Global Brands has helped us to improve our knowledge of what it takes to create a successful marketing campaign. Alongside this, we have expert knowledge of all printing techniques and materials to ensure that you're provided with the highest quality printing services.

We offer the latest and the best printing techniques in the industry:

To help you promote and advertise, we only use state of the art printing machinery which allows us to offer the best printing techniques in the industry. This means that we're able to create truly bespoke designs as well as always respect corporate identities. We're able to colour match and exactly replicate designs and logos to ensure that everything is printing to your specifications.

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Do you have any doubts? Don't hesitate to contact us.


Dedicated expert staff who work alongside your team:

Our dedicated team of printing and design experts will work as extended members of your business to ensure that every marketing or advertising campaign you're involved with is successful. They're able to provide help and advice as to which printing technique and which garments and accessories will provide you with the best quality printed marketing material.

We can also provide you with help and advice on how to improve your design to ensure that it gets the most exposure and will help increase brand awareness - guaranteeing you a successful advertising campaign.

Free consultation and advice on any printing designs:

Rather than spending 3 or 4 meetings developing a concept of customised clothing for a client only to find out that it's not possible or the stock isn't available...Garment Printing will provide a free consultation where we can discuss all of your needs and provide you with advice on how to achieve them.

We will look at your designs and recommend the best printing technique and the best clothing or accessories to ensure that the printing turns out to the highest quality and sits perfectly within your budget. Once the consultation is done, leave the printing to us and we can then deliver the order with to you or to your clients.

Our team are able to come in and advise and consult on anything that involves the customisation or personalisation of clothing and accessories. We know the print size limitations and we're able to always meet your needs.

  • Need 1 T-Shirt printed per day for a month when you provide the design at 3pm and you need it for the next day? We can do it!
  • Need to set up an online store selling printed clothing or accessories? We can do it!
  • Need help to get started in the world of online sales? We can provide it!

No minimum or maximum order quantities:

Whether you are planning 100,000 t-shirts for a festival or a fund-raising event that involves printed clothing, or an exclusive range of one-off printed or embroidered garments, we are here for you. We are here to help you make it happen.

We have more ideas than we have printed t-shirts. We see so many t-shirt designs and colour variations, and understand the limitations of what can be achieved and at what price, so we can really save you time on your planning.