Transfer Printing is the simple process of printing your designs onto special transfer paper material and then applying the transfer paper onto the tshirt or garment using a special commercial heat press.  It enables full colour designs and photo graphs to be printed very quickly and is a great option for promotional clothing.



Perfect for low quantity tshirts runs, sample tshirts, bespoke custom tshirts, promotional clothing, store opening tshirts, one off promo t shirts, stags and hen tshirts, birthday presents…

High Quality Printing Replication

Full colour designs

Very Fast so ideal for Same Day & Next Day services

No Set Up Charges


We can use Transfer Printing when printing onto both light and dark coloured tshirts and garments, but the Transfer Paper used for dark tshirts and garments is slightly thicker that what is used for light tshirts and garments. For this reason some people do not like the feel of the transfer paper when printing onto dark colours tshirts or garments.


If your design is a special shape we can use our cutting machines to cut the design to shape (cut out transfer printing), and then apply the design in its unique shape rather than a full square or rectangular patch to the tshirt or garment. When transfer printing onto light tshirts and garments the material is much thinner and softer and you can hardly feel anything on the tshirt.

The quality of the printed tshirt or printed clothing is directly related to the quality of your image or photograph, so you must supply high-resolution artwork or images. Low-resolution artworks or photographs may produce blurry printed images. We recommend at least 150dpi as a resolution. To find our more about artwork guidelines to ensure the highest quality printed tshirts or printed clothing visit our artwork guidelines page.

  • Sometimes a bit too thick on the finished tshirt or garment
  • Colours may start to wash out & fade after 10/15+ washes
  • We can print up to A3 sized transfers


Prices can start from as low as 35p per transfer, but price all depends on quantities and sizes of the printed logo.