Embroidered Clothes

Why choose Embroidery?

  • Creates high quality brand appearance
  • Perfect for use on all types of garments
  • Very reasonably priced
  • A great way to establish corporate identity
  • Produces a superb, high-quality finish

Embroidered clothing

Embroidery is the perfect way to customise clothing to provide brand recognition. It uses a single colour thread and stitches which re-creates your design perfectly to provide an accurate representation of your brand or company logo. It produces a high-quality finish which is durable and stands the test of time whilst remaining competitively priced at all times.

We supply a huge range of embroidered corporate clothing, uniforms, work-wear and other garments to companies in London and across the UK. From large blue chip companies to small businesses, clubs and individuals. All you need to do is fill out the Quick Quote form and send us in an image of your logo or design and we'll be able to tailor it to perfect fit on your clothing. Embroidery is perfect for use on polo shirts, T Shirts, hoodies, caps, trousers and loads of other clothing types so you or your employees can show off your brand or logo wherever you go.

Embroidery creates brand recognitionAdd your companies logo to your work forces clothing

PLEASE NOTE - it is very sometimes difficult to achieve exact replications of your designs & logos if they have lots of colour tones and shading but we use the latest machinery to ensure the highest quality finish. Remember embroidery uses single colour threads and stitches to re-create your design. We MUST see your logo or design in order to quote and confirm if it can be done.

Some designs may need slight modification before they can be embroidered. For example, small text below 4-5mm may need enlarging and designs with very fine detail may need simplifying to achieve the best finish. 

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