DTG Digital T-Shirt Printing:

DTG Digital T-Shirt Printing:

Direct to Garment printing, or DTG digital T-Shirt printing as it's also known, is the process of printing full-colour images onto garments. DTG printing can be used on both light and dark garments. Using the latest printing technology and top quality DTG machines, we at Garment Printing can print full colour images onto a wide range of T-Shirts, polo shirts, hoodies and other clothing types.

DTG-direct-to-garment tshirt printing


Uses for DTG digital T-Shirt printing:

Unlike Screen Printing, which can include expensive setup fees, Direct to Garment (or DTG printing) is perfect for short runs of full-colour prints onto a wide range of clothing. Garment Printing's DTG services produce high-quality printed clothing within a few hours of receiving your completed order, making it the perfect printing technique for fashion, promotional, stag and hen do and sports team clothing.




  • No set-up fees or minimum order quantities
  • Can print full-colour images to a wide range of clothing
  • Produces high-quality prints within a few hours of receiving the order
  • Can be used on both light and dark coloured garments
  • Perfect for fashion, promotional, stag and hen do T-Shirts

DTG Printed T-Shirts



Artwork Guidelines

Direct to Garment Printing Artwork Guidelines

We use the following DTG Printers:

4 x GT-3 Series Garment Printer with CMYK and 4 White Print Heads: This machine has 8 print heads with a single pass printing system that allows for express t-shirt printing onto white and coloured garments.  We can print over zips and seams without a problem. It features up to 1200dpi

Brother DTG Direct To Garment Tshirt Printing Machine GT3 series

DTG printing for photographic quality printing. Brother DTG Direct To Garment Tshirt Printing Machine GT3 series 6 x Kornit DTG Machines, a printer that offers the highest quality state of the art direct to garment (DTG) digital T-Shirt printing service for T-Shirts, polo shirts, hoodies and much more. The industrially engineered Kornit machine is manufactured for the mass-production t-shirt and garment printing needs of our clients.

Kornit Digital Avalanche Printer

Kornit Digital Avalanche 1000 DTG direct to garment t-shirt printing machine

 1 x VIPER XPT-6000 Pre-Treatment Machine: The ViperXPT-6000 multi-nozzle system gives a consistent and fast performance to ensure we can print and deliver for our demanding clients who often need orders for the next day.

Viper DTG pre treatment tshirt printing machine

Viper DTG pre-treatment t-shirt printing machine.

Pre-treatment is also very important. Watch our video to find out why! 

Garment Printing are the right company for all your DTG Direct To Garment Tshirt Printing needs. Contact us today for a quote.

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