Made To Order | Cut and Sew Garments

What is Cut and Sew Printing?

At Garment Printing, we're proud to offer the latest cut and sew printing services which allow you to essentially build a T-Shirt from scratch. The process works by printing on sheets of fabric which is cut and assembled to form a T-Shirt. With our excellent Made To Order garments, we can have your custom garment created and delivered to you within 28 working days.

By printing using this technique you can be completely creative and make perfect T-Shirts and other customised garments using multiple patterns and colours. This technique is especially perfect if you're looking to have different printed panels for the front, back, sleeves and the neck and using cut and sew printing is the ideal way to create a unique and bespoke feel.

All bespoke orders are quoted individually as pricing can vary depending on the exact detailing that is requested. This includes different fabrics, styles, colours, branding and more. If you're thinking of creating Made To Order garments, get in touch with us for a tailored quote.


  • Cost effective for large volumes
  • Garments are completely custom made to your specifications
  • Maximum print coverage with minimum limitations
  • Highest quality, with all of our printing and finishing taking place in the UK

Cost Effective for Large Volumes:

Cut and sew printing is the art of printing direct to fabric to create bespoke panels which are then assembled together to create a perfect, customised garments. It's similar to our Dye Sublimation printing technique where we can print all over the individual panels to create specialist, bespoke clothing to create the garment exactly how you want it. This technique is perfect if you're creating large volumes as it means we can custom print multiple panels and assemble them together.

The benefit is that it becomes more cost-effective the more you order which means that you could benefit from huge savings when you're creating your own designs. Our excellent service means that we're also able to offer price breaks when you're ordering over a certain amount to ensure that you can always benefit from excellent savings.

 Garments Are Completely Custom Made To Your Specifications:

Cut and sew printing is the ultimate in customisation and it ensures that every garment can look exactly how you want it. If you want to have a pattern for the front and back with a different pattern for the neck and the arms - We can do it!

If you're looking to combine different patterns to create a perfect, customised garment - We can do it!

No matter how you want your garment customised, Direct to Fabric printing is the perfect way to create truly bespoke clothing. It works by printing onto the panels prior to the product being put together which means that you have the maximum print coverage.

With Made To Order garments we can also manufacture printed or woven labels from provided artwork. The labels are then inserted during production into the position of your choice.

Maximum Print Coverage with Minimum Limitations:

The process of sewing the individual panels together means that you can literally print everywhere on the T-Shirt to ensure that you get the best print coverage possible. As each panel is printed prior to it being assembled, it means that there are virtually no limitations when it comes to what we can print so you can achieve flawless, all over customised garments.

Highest Quality, With our Printing and Finishing Happening in the UK:

As all of our printing locations are based in the UK, it means that we're able to provide you with expert, high-quality garments which are printed and assembled directly in the UK. This also means that we're able to offer fast delivery services to ensure that you always receive your garments when you need them so you're never left waiting for your order.

Not only that, but it also means that we can offer cheap delivery prices as we're not importing the clothing from another country - help you to keep the costs down when you're creating your all over T-Shirt designs.